Let's Be Honest!!!!!! (For Men)

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  • Golf

    OK, all you male ex/Jws what do you think of women NOW! Barbara is giving us some inside information about the org and this comes from a women, on top of that!!!!!!!

    Do you have the Moxie to admit you frown/ed on women?


  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Nope, I've always thought of women as an equal. Must be a generational thing.

    In fact I prefer working for females as a rule. My current boss is female. Typically much more understanding regarding personal issues. Usually listen too. But maybe that's just me.

  • defd

    same here, dont frown on women. Both men and women can be equally knuckleheaded!


  • nicolaou
    admit you frown/ed on women?

    Never did. Never bought into that "women feel, men think" crap. Sure, there are differences most women I know are caring - but some are bitches! I think most women express their feelings better than men.

  • Golf

    defd, its a 'given' that both sexes can equally be knuckleheaded. But how many can honestly say 'unhestingly' they were sexes?


  • Spectrum

    Having had some feminism instilled in me during my teens and early twenties I thought that working for women would be a much better prospect than working for men. My actual experience of working for string of neurotic women ended that illusion.
    There was no comparison, working for men is in general better.

  • serendipity

    Hi Spectrum, Welcome to the forum!

    Your bad experience with female managers may have to do with their ages. Though I'm female, I have to say I preferred working for males until just recently. My current boss is a middle-aged female and she's the best manager I've had. She reports to a director who is also female who reports to a female. They are all very concerned about career development and helping those with potential get a variety of assignments. It's definitely the most supportive environment I've had in 27 years I've been working.

  • Seeker4

    I remember reading in my teens and early 20s in the Witness literature all the "reasons" why Jehovah, in his wisdom, gave all the power in the organization to men and not women. How men were less emotional, how they preferred reason to feelings, how women as the weaker vessel wouldn't be able to handle the intense physical and emotional toll of serving as an elder.

    It didn't take me long to realize what utter bullshit that was. In the real world of work, I found that women had no problem handling any of it, and often excelled over most of the men they worked with.

    There is one interesting thing though - women have told me over and over that an all-woman working group often has a lot of problems with infighting, and they prefer to work with a mixed group or even a group of men over a group of just women. Personally, I prefer the mixed group by far.


  • Jourles

    Never had a problem with it. And I still do not, even though I work in a male dominated industry.

  • blindersoff

    I don't like to make blanket statements, but if something really needs to get done, generally, I would prefer to see a woman carry the ball. Since Barbara has the ball, I am happy to block for her if I can. The co said our cong had the best accounts servant in the circuit. A sister (behind the signature of her husband)

    B (of the getting ready for the Steelers & Bears game class)

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