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    Martial Arts.


  • rebel8
    self-defense and jws?

    It brings to mind the giant disparity in JW teachings on this topic, at least the teachings I heard when I was a kid.

    1. When assaulted, turn the other cheek. This means if a bully at school is punching you, you must stand there and take it. It is a sign that the demons realize you are a faithful to Jehovah, so take the punishment with pride. (My whack mother interpreted this to mean you were not supposed to run away or scream for help either, just stand there.) You may not fight back because the Bible says so and Jesus was the example--he was a strong young man and didn't fight back against his attackers.

    2. If someone tries to rape you, do the opposite. Run away, or scream, or fight back. If you fail to do any of those things, the rape is your fault and it will be considered fornication.

  • bull01lay

    Martial arts - and the total ban on learning any kind of self discipline / defence.

    "Lean upon Jehovah" - let him kick your attackers ass !!! Try praying / hoping for salvation when there's a group of 8 kids older than you that call themselves jew bashers, and take their frustrations out on you... you soon learn prayer isn't fast enough - fists 'n' feet are !!! I took a few good beatings, and I gave more than my fair share back. They soon learned to leave me alone....

    I always fancied being a wrestler cos I had the build for it - even that was frowned upon - "bodily training is beneficial for a little......" sadly, it's all gone to waist !!!!


  • Reefton Jack
    Reefton Jack

    The "Society's Way" on this matter is about as meaningful as the Society's Way on anything else!

    Bullies only bully because they don't intend to get hurt.

    - Likewise for people who fight as part of a gang.

    The flipside of this is: injure one of them - particularly if he is either the ringleader and/or the biggest one of the group - and the others lose interest very suddenly.

    No, WTS - you are wrong about this one, the same as you are about everything else.Everyone needs to know how to defend themselves - because a time is very likely to happen that you are the only one who will!


  • DannyHaszard

    Come and get it!

  • Super_Becka
    'kay, how bout if I say

    I think of how JWs aren't allowed to take self-defense classes, then I think about my JW boyfriend and how his two JW brothers are both taking Tae-Kwon-Do classes and enjoying them immensely. Aren't they not supposed to do that??

    -Becka :)

  • nicolaou

    My 11 year old nephew is very small for his age but he is now the under 4ft Kickboxing Champion of England and Wales. He has his blue belt and will definately get his black belt by next year. I weigh about 13 stone and he could definately put me on my back!

    My hardcore JW mother abhors the fact that my brother takes him to kickboxing classes but he is disciplined and fun and not at all aggressive and we all get the peace of mind that if anyone picks on the little guy he can most definately defend himself - with minimal pain to his assailant!

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    3" 12 GA. 00 Buck.


  • DigitalFokus
    if you were a jw male and heard the screams of a jw female being raped, are you allowed to intervene physically? I mean, you MIGHT end up bloodguilty. Murder and fornication are equally wrong, no? I guess it's one of those conscience grey area things.

    I am just guessing this is NOT your stance. If it is...sorry.

    If a man heres a woman being raped and does nothing to stop it, to me your not much better than the rapist. If it were me and the guy fell and got a bo bo on his head and died. I could sleep with the bloodguilt..Nooo problem. Sorry, I am not speaking of the WTS view on this. It makes me sick that it is a "grey area"

    Self Defense- umm..its defending yourself against physical harm. That doesn't mean I would deck someone for calling me a bad name (unless it was a dub elder, that would be fun).

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  • diamondblue1974
    If someone tries to rape you, do the opposite. Run away, or scream, or fight back. If you fail to do any of those things, the rape is your fault and it will be considered fornication.

    This p*sses me off; the WTBTS have absolutely no clue whatsoever about this subject, their views are unintelligent and lack real thought or compassion for victims of rape.

    I studied Criminal Law sometime ago particularly in light of the fact that the UK law was about to change in respect of sexual offences; mainly to protect children against internet grooming and also to properly interpret rape as a particular crime.

    Every bit of case law regarding rape was different; every case was extremely violent but different circumstances existed in each one; what the Watchtower fails to understand is that a woman (or man for that instance) does not consent just because he or she is silent; there are sometimes reasons why a victim of rape would be silent; one particular case I reviewed was where a woman was told that her friend who was locked in a room next door would be killed if she screamed. Would this be fornication in the eyes of the Watchtower?

    Even if their position has now changed, how guilty must a survivor of rape have felt until it the matter was reviewed? Its sickening and its frightening that we allowed ourselves to be subject to such unintelligent organisation.


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