Even if the bible is not inspired, is Christianity a good thing?

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  • jwfacts

    I dont want to offend anyone that worships Jesus, but am toying with a few ideas at the moment.

    I am not sure yet about the inspiration of the bible. However reading Franz' Christian Freedom gives me a lot more respect for Jesus teachings and Christianity.

    Lets say that Jesus was just a man. The bible writers probably noticed he did not do all the superhuman things he is said to, so the NT must be somewhat of a consipiracy. However it is a very good one. Could it be possible that some visionary Jews could see the plight that the Law covenant was getting them into. They realised that a new approach was needed, and came up with a very good way of life;

    Love God, Love thy neighbour, be honest and moral, look forward to the heavenly ressurection, and look after each other within the Christian congregation.

    That seems to be the ideal way to live. Could they be onto something, even if not inspired? We have all seen how it is once religion is institutionalised that it becomes harmful in its fight to perpetuate its own existence, whether the Catholics in the dark ages or the WTS now. But is non institutionlised Christianity the best way of life?

  • Mysterious

    It seems to me it's the interpretation of what Christ said, effectively putting words in his mouth, rather than his words that have done so much damage. All the wrongs, hatred and intolerance perpetuated in the name of Jesus would have disgusted him if he is the kind of man that is portrayed in the bible. Truly some people do seem to need a structured sense of ethics they cannot find within themselves. However, on a whole I think christianity as a religion has done a lot of harm and much of it specificially because they postulate the bible is correct.

  • Jeffro

    Is Christianity a good thing? Like many things, it can be a good thing. It can help people to live peaceful lives and to have a positive outlook. It can also be a very bad thing.

    Mother Theresa and Adolf Hitler were both Catholic.

    It's not what you have, it's how you use it that counts.

  • gumby


    Very well said!


  • nicolaou
    The bible writers probably noticed he did not do all the superhuman things he is said to, so the NT must be somewhat of a consipiracy. However it is a very good one.

    A way of life that is built on a lie, even a "good one" may produce principled people, kindness, charity and generosity among those that adhere to it. But it is still a lie. As has already been said, Christians vary tremendously, an indicator that Christianity, while not all bad, is also not really necessary.

  • eyeslice

    Religion should be a mentor to help people find their own spiritual path. As such, then certainly the basic teachings of Christ and other spiritual leaders are by definition a good thing.
    The problem is that these original guidelines are taken by religions such as JWs and changed from guidelines into endless rules and regulations were people are told what spirituality is rather than how to find it.

  • Qcmbr

    The principle of goodness and badness hard to pin down. In much of the West, christianity defined those terms for the last 2000 odd years.

    Christianity when practised as a series of principles - love thy neighbour, have humility, self-sacrifice, have compassion, live life with hope etc.. is presumably not under debate (since these are clearly going to increase happiness across society) but christianity with the dogma of man added is a whole bag of cr*p that brought us crusades , the inquisition, burning people at the stake for beliefs, church tax, conversion by the sword, stifling of intellectual thought etc.. Man's christianity really really sucks IMO.

  • Golf

    Name me a Christian religion that has not been "bastardized?" Gumby should like this one.


  • nicolaou

    Wow! I can't believe this Qcmbr but I don't find anything in your last post to disagree with!



    I'm scared.

  • LittleToe

    Why limit it to Christianity

    Religion is a tool. Some use it as a guide to find their spiritual path, some use while on their spiritual path.

    Some use it.

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