I'm an atheist, so why does some religious music move me so much?

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  • gumby
    Dont want you to feel you are the voice of authority ( cant spell it)

    But I am the voice of authority Mouthy.....I am!!!!!

    I'll bet you listen to "Tom Jones sings the Gospel" ....doncha?

    Ok mouthy....if I were a solid believer, I would say god COULD use music to move/inspire someone....it just doesn't seem like the avenue god would use on a non-believer to get their attention. You didn't see the Apostle Paul fallin on the ground and goin blind from listening to music did ya?


  • LittleToe

    Nothing to apologise for. You have your own paradigm, and that's ok.

    That kind of singing is simply divine!

  • mouthy

    That kind of singing is simply divine!

    Of course your talking about Tom Jones eh LT?

  • mouthy

    But I am the voice of authority Mouthy.....I am!!!!!

    Well now how silly i was I though God was the great" I am" & all the time it is you ....So sorry sweetie...

  • onesong

    Superstring theory says that everything is ultimately vibration. In other words music is what you are fundamentally made of.

  • poppers

    "My Sweet Lord" - one of my all time favorites. When it first came out I was really moved; at the time I had no knowledge of what the Hindu references were, I just knew that it moved me. It continues to move me in ways that no other music has.

  • Narkissos

    "lf there is someone God owes everything to, it's Bach. Without Bach, God would be a character of third-rate importance."

    "If only God had made our world as perfect as Bach made his divine."

    E. M. Cioran

  • heathen

    I think people tend to put more emotion into religious music so can be very alluring . To bad the WTBTS doesn't come up some decent passionate songs with melody and harmony . Even some christmas songs have that but I can't stand the lyrics mostly .

  • Spectre

    My Sweet Lord is one of my favorites. I'm embarassed to say, but I like that old one The Spirit in the Sky as well.

  • DanTheMan

    I grew up Catholic and there was one song Be Not Afraid that we sang in church a lot, it was very beautiful and uplifting. I remember that one song more clearly than anything else related to my church upbringing, well, except the time I was an alter boy and screwed up everything really bad and the congregation was laughing at me but that's a story for a different day.

    When I exited the dubs I attended an Evangelical Lutheran church for a while and wouldn't you know it, they sing that song too, and I didn't even try to sing it cuz I knew I'd get all choked up if I did.

    Let It Rain by Eric Clapton has a really spiritual vibe to it, it's one of my favorite rock tunes.

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