why do people wanna join the jehovah witnesses group

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  • Mysterious

    JWs are good at convincing them that following god is hard, and therefore if they feel that they are suffering hardships then they must be doing what god wants for them to do. And as previous posters have mentioned quite often they don't know all the restrictions until they are already far along in their studies. I believe freeminds had an article on how once people have suffered for a belief they are less likely to give it up. There is the whole narrowed and cramped road leading to life with few finding it thing as well, after all JWs like quoting the 6 million to 6 billion ratio.

    Sometimes too someone they love converts like a spouse or family member and they join in order to still be able to associate with these ones. After all it is the jw who falsely claims to have unconditional love.

  • JAVA
    why do people do it, join? ;

    Like most cults the Tower has The Answer for every question, and many people need to be spoon fed. This can be brought on by things like a death in the family, divorce, loss of employment, etc. Of course JW children have little control as to why they're JWs, until they grow up and wise up--that's why most of them leave.

    There are various reasons why folks join religious sects, but when they finally get their act together there are many good reasons to leave. Welcome to the JWD, force!

  • one of 12
    one of 12

    do they like to suffer?

    The other posters are spot on.Yes, suffering on behalf of the 'underdog' can be cathartic.It gives you a mindless focus.You believe BECAUSE you belong and no further correspondence will be entered into...

  • telltruth

    whether it be a true desire to know god, searching for hope and answers amidst confusion or being at a low point in ones life........bottom line: people don't join cults, cults recruit people.(SH).............telltruth

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