why do people wanna join the jehovah witnesses group

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  • force

    i dont get it.

    they dont celbrate xmas, new year, birthdays, easter, valentine day. they only can mix with other jw. they spend hours and hours and hours going to meetings and knocking on peoples doors who are not bothered anyway (except my mum). they put jehovah before there children. they cant watch tv or listen to radio or use the internet because 99 percent of it is not suitable. they cant smoke drink or live with someone if they are not married. they cant be gay. they cant have fun.

    why do people do it, join? why did you join? do they like to suffer or what becus it dont make no sense to me

  • diamondblue1974

    Welcome to the forum force.

    Someone once said on here (and I have never forgotten it) that we must have been at a very low point in our lives to believe a doorstep book salesman when he tells you that you can live forever.

  • blondie

    Because JWs don't tell them the whole story until after they are baptized.

  • jgnat

    Some people like the security of having everything ordered in their lives. After a while, having no life outside the society, they feel they have no choice.

  • DanTheMan
    they cant watch tv or listen to radio or use the internet because 99 percent of it is not suitable

    well, that's not really true. JW's definitely do all of the above things.

    why did you join?

    I liked the "last days" stuff. Armageddon seemed like a pretty cool idea to me. I had become pretty apocalyptic in my outlook on life long before I had ever even heard of JW's. But when JW's told me that that I could be part of an elite group that would survive the 'destruction of this old system', that's about all I needed to hear.

    At the time, I also needed the structure JWism provided. Also, I was love-bombed the first time I went to a meeting and it felt pretty good. I'm pretty much a classic case of a young naive person falling for a cult.

  • Finally-Free
    Someone once said on here (and I have never forgotten it) that we must have been at a very low point in our lives to believe a doorstep book salesman when he tells you that you can live forever.

    Yep, that's what happened to me. You think you've hit rock bottom, and then some JW comes around with all kinds of attractive promises. They get you hooked, and you get baptized, and then everything begins to deteriorate.


  • AlmostAtheist

    People will do anything for God. And if they become convinced that a person speaks for God, they'll do anything for that person. Think about people that shoot abortion doctors, suicide bombers, jihadists.

    As far as giving up stuff, people feel good about giving things up for God. It's a sacrifice.

    So why would anyone think JW's speak for God? Honestly, they have one hell of a sales pitch. Like Dan mentioned, they immediately hang the "live through armageddon" threat in front of you, then tell you about the paradise you can choose instead. And finally, polish it off by telling you what you need to do. Classic sales -- invent a need/fear, then show how to get it/avoid it. (Who knew we needed "anti-bacterial" soap before they started selling it to us?)

    It's not that people that become JW's are idiots, they are just tricked. It doesn't take much, especially if you already have some built-in assumptions. For instance, if you believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God, all they have to do is show you a scripture that disproves your current Church's doctrine, proves their own, and warns you about spending any more time in that Church. Once you see it in your own copy of the Bible, they have a hook in you. The hope is that you won't go back to your church to verify their claims. They hope you'll take their word for it. (They aren't malicious in this, they think it's for your own good) If you do take their word, that's another hook. Pretty soon they tell you about the "Faithful and Discreet Slave", a class of humans allegedly headed by the Governing Body of men in Brooklyn. These men -- while imperfect and fallible -- speak for God. Whatever they say, goes. If you stay on the hook past this one last belief, they have you.

    Most people never get that far. But for the few they manage to trick into joining, it's very powerful. How can you really ever see the falsehood in an organization that you believe DEFINES truth?


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The WTS's recruitment practices are finely tuned. People don't know up front all the things they will have to do. The JWs present a slow process of indoctrination. By the time a person is expected to make certain changes in their life they are most often already hooked. All the JW has to do it reel them in

    It's all a practice of deception. One the JW "proves"™ they WTS is God's organization the study will go along with all the insane doctrines and teachings

  • bythesea

    It hasn't been an easy thing to admit to myself but I've come to realize that the biggest draw I had to becoming a JW was so that my family would accept me. I had grown up apart from my mother, whose entire family were JWs, until I was a teenager. When I went to live with them I found I had sisters and brothers...a ready-made family, and I sat in on the family BS at that point and it felt good to belong to the group. Later, after I left home(this was in the late 60's) I lived a hippie lifestyle and mostly forgot things I'd learned from the bible....I got into the more Eastern Religions and was happy with my life. It wasn't the life that you sometimes see portrayed on TV of hippies...we (my husband and I) lived in the mountains on acreage, had a huge organic garden, goats, chickens, our kids ran around naked chasing the dog, we made our own electricity...we lived close to the earth, took care of it, and I felt close to God. I felt I DID live in a Paradise earth. Yeah, we smoked some weed, but it was organic.

    Fast forward a few years, a carload of sisters pull up into my driveway! How did they even find me?? Holy Spirit, for sure! I made the mistake of saying that I had lots of family that were JW...so they came back, and came back...I studied for 5 years!! That has to be some kind of record, right? During those years I studied my family took me into the fold again, not having been happy with me for the life I was leading living in the woods even tho we lived a very moral simple life(isn't that what JWs are supposed to do anyway??)but now they could look aside at HOW I lived and I was a part of the family again....THAT was what hooked me more than anything I learned from the Bible study. One clincher was when it was pointed out to me that at the time of the Flood many "good" women and their children perished....so I did feel impelled to do anything that would save my kids. And they did seem to have "proof" from the Bible that what they taught was right.... the lack holiday stuff didn't bother me.... Mainly I just wanted to save my kids lives and be accepted by my family again. And at the time I thought it was all true. bythesea

  • acadian

    Hello all !

    Just one more stop on the road to eternity. (~the sign reads~ "Keep Moving Please!")

    It was the right thing at that time in my life, but I took the 10% that was good, and threw the other 90% that was crap in the garbage, and moved on.

    Kind Regards


    ~If you live below your means, you'll have the means too live.~

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