What Did YOU Give Up For The "Truth"???

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  • BrendaCloutier


    A highschool education: I was pulled out in 1973 after my sophomore year to go into the ministry because it was imperative that I pioneer and get the word out about 1975.

    College education? You gotta be kidding.

    Sense of self: Got married in 1975 at 18 yo into what turned out to be a "spiritually weak" family and I was shunned by my new congregation by former friends I had grown up with.

    That "good JW man" I married developed alcoholism and followed in his late father's footsteps and became violent and abusive. I attempted suicide because divorce and homocide were not acceptable answers.

    What I lost after leaving the bOrg and my lovely husband: My parents because I no longer intended on going back. I'd already lost my childhood friends with the congregation split.


    Education: A good education from STPU (Seat of The Pants University) along with a few college classes.

    A career in computers.

    Recovery from my own alcoholism.

    Some (almost) life-long friendships with worldly people.

    Found my birth family. (birth mom was killed in a car accident before I could know her as an adult)

    Spirituality. Sense of self. Great love.

    Any my Kevan.

  • Quentin

    A well grounded life. Even after all the years of being gone from there I continue to deal with that aspect.

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Relaxing Saturday & Sunday mornings
    Having a sporty 2 door car
    Keeping mileage low on said car
    Relaxing Tuesday and Thursday evenings
    Gave up my hard earned money for suits and ties
    Gave up my self control

  • Cordelia

    i agree with nicoloa i lost alot more leaving it (which is going on right now) my family and all my friends of 30 years, etc

    but while i was in gave up alot too, of course i pioneered straight from school gave up going to college and furthering my music, also i used to model and they wanted me to go to japan (mega bucks) of course i couldnt go so decided id better stop coz of all the temptation! also i loved playing hockey and got a place with huddersfield ladies team when school finished, of course i turned thatdown too!

    tho sirona gave up far more she is super intelligent and could of done anything she put her mind to! (she can pay me later for saying that)

  • minimus

    Even though we've lost much, we have gained our freedom. To me, it's worth our past history. Evidently, though, many are suffering still.

  • Spectre

    It keeps me sane by not thinking about it.

  • loosie

    Two legs the same length and a life w/o leg pain. Actually I didn't give it up my mother made the decision to give it up for me.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    one word - everything

    what I got in return - everything that counts

  • one of 12
    one of 12

    I gave up a sense of self worth and my football mates to please somebody/something? Oh,and to travel to the UK for a trial with Arsenal when I was 17/18.Now I'm bald and slow.

  • bigmouth

    Oops,I forgot to log on with my alias!(1 of 12 is still learning the offside rule!)

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