Women can't think for themselves.

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  • wanderlustguy

    Just got back from my brother'splace after being there for three weeks. I forgot how the org teaches you to view women. His wife just became the manager of a video store, and I felt so sorry for her when she was talking to him about her work. She knows what she's doing or she wouldn't have the job, but he was basically counseling her on how to do it. Not just that but so many other things he says and does were just an outright insult to her as a person.

    I remember viewing women that way, as a tool or piece of property, not as a person. Another part of that though is if you believe somoene can't think for themselves, it's a hell of a thing to say you want to partner with them. Then you are responsible for making thier mind up for them, and that's just a reponsibility I never really wanted. But I can se how some would like it that way, like my dad.

    He paid for his most recent wife from the Phillipines through a service that provides wives to american men. There's several more in the area my dad is in, one is married to my uncle who left his wife of 50 years to be with a new bought wife, they meet up as a group (the women) every week. She's supposedly baptised too but had it done in the Phillipines I guess, either way she goes to meetings with him, etc, but it's so obvious she is there for a purpose, and it isn't love. She acts more like a servant than a wife, unbeleivable. She plans to keep half of everything he has for putting up with him I guess, and it's probably not enough to tell the truth. Just saying this to show where the mentality can go, it's so pathetic to me.

    Jus' venting a little.

  • Crumpet

    Wanted to reply but oops my mind went blank.....

  • Cori

    Wander, I was about to say, your in for it.....

    But your right, I remember thinking the same way. I remember being upset with my dad at times for caving into what mom wanted. I used to think, 'your the head of this household, say something'. Unbelievable!

  • jgnat

    I dunno. What opinion am I supposed to have on this?

  • Elsewhere

    I read a news story about how a guy got a mail-order Russian woman. They got married and she promptly killed him in an "accident"... as his wife she got all his assets. She then moved back in with her boyfriend.

    I wonder if she ever put herself back on the market again.

  • Cori

    btw, Crumpet LOVE your new avatar...

  • under74

    ya, I was brought up with that. My mom always said she wanted to be a housewife and that was what all women were supposed to be...even when I questioned how badly she was treated my my dad. My grandfather was less literate than my grandmother. In fact, while they were married she had to read letters and bills to him and explain everything--yet he was in charge.

    Anyway...I have many stories about the women I was brought up with. I managed to get through my adult life without letting myself be treated the same way BUT I still have issues with it. Both of my sisters have gotten into abusive, dominating relationships. And then there's my older brother who, although no longer a JW, thinks women should be educated until they marry. And he doesn't even have a GED. I got into it with him at Thanksgiving about different matters and according to him I "disrespected" him "as a man" because I confronted him. I also "took advantage" of the fact that I'm a "female" knowing that he wouldn't beat the crap out of me...even though he forgets he shoved me more than once and punched the walll calling me a bitch and some other things. In his mind I shouldn't have said anything to him even if he was out of line...because I'm female.

    OK I'm done....

  • rebel8

    Where are all the posters now who dismiss the idea that JW misogynistic teachings do harm? hmmmm

    Anyhoo, I'd love to respond to this issue but unfortunately I am distracted by the fact that my husband is not home and it is breeding season for female cows me. My hormones prevent me from taking a leadership role too. Also, my skull is naturally smaller than mens' so I am stoopid. (For the lurkers, click here to read these ideas in actual WT literature.)

  • Crumpet

    hey Cori - glad you like it. maybe you can export me to where you are for marriage and i will not see you dead in a car/stair.jacuzzie accident before insurance policy is signed!

    this is cool - its 7.30 and i am in bed with my laptop and peppermint tea and a hot hot water bottle - am hiding from carol singers and my own bleak moods which I have left downstairs with half a glass of wine and a cigarette.

  • mrsjones5

    This topic reminds me of when my mother said to me "Why doesnt your husband tell you to lose weight?" My comeback should have been: "Oh I don't know, maybe he likes more cushion for the pushin?"

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