Women can't think for themselves.

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  • Cori

    for the looks Crumpet....


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I left my second husband at the end of last year. He was never a JW.

    Things were good for us until I started getting sick. Then he did the following

    ...he was basically counseling her on how to do it. Not just that but so many other things he says and does were just an outright insult to her as a person..
    It drove me crazy. My feet were the problem not my head. No matter how I tried to explain this to him he insisted on treating me like a child. I think once we are out of the JWs we need to be very aware how some of these issues can get played out in other areas of our lives.
  • stillconcerned


    prob'ly lady lawyers are not high on the WT list of good breeding stock..

  • serendipity

    Hi stillconcerned,

    I have some shocking news, please sit down. A few years back, the WT had a positive article about a female lawyer on the staff at Canadian Bethel. So, when the legalities are done in service of the WTS, gender doesn't matter - much. I wonder if she's still there....

  • jeanniebeanz

    Ya... I remember... Bunch of losers. But, I think that they buy into the 'women are the weaker flesh' thing because, as janitors and toilet scrubbers, they do not have control over much else in their lives. Having a 'sub-species' to kick around makes witness men who really buy into the bullsh*t feel more important.

    They need to be...


  • daystar

    Yet another reason I tend to scoff when my mother hints that I might "come back" to meet a "nice Witness girl". I have a hard enough time finding a nice, strong-willed, intellectual, even-tempered woman in "the world" without the horror I would have wading through a bunch of programmed, repressed, "weaker vessels" among that group. (I know there have to be exceptions, but I'm also not inclined to deal with de-programming a woman to yoke myself with either.)

  • loosie
    Oh I don't know, maybe he likes more cushion for the pushin

    lol @ Mrsjones

    All I can say is Mmmmmmmmmooooooooooooooo. Becaue my bull, I mean husband never tells me what to say. So I have no original ideas on the matter.

    lol Not really. But everything I'm thinking has all been said before.

  • ballistic
    Yet another reason I tend to scoff when my mother hints that I might "come back" to meet a "nice Witness girl".

    your mother does that as well? huh - my mother says this to me all the time - and last time I decided to gently remind her that I've already tried marrying a witness girl and remember what happened?

  • mkr32208

    I suspect that if I told my wife to loose weight she would tell me to grow a bigger *ick!

    ~mkr; of the "Where's the headship class?"-class

  • bigmouth

    I won't express my views either because I'm a white middle class man who must bear the backlash for centuries of mis-treatment of women by some men. Am I still allowed to hold the door open for you?

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