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    How about:

    • they did not push him to get baptised as a 12 year old, but let him wait till he was 30 to make up his own mind as a man.
    • despite his family not all believing him to be the Christ they did not shun or stone him.
    • they did not push him to spread the Jewish gospel worldwide, but encouraged an education
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    BTW, I used to love giving talks, but can't say I'd be much help for a sisters part. if I think of anything interesting that you could actually use I will send it through.

  • stillAwitness

    I did get the talk togethor and I will post it after I give it tonight. Good points jwfacts. I never thought about it but yeah you're right. some of Jesus' family thought he was going out of his mind but you never heard of them wanting to run him out of the village or anything. and yeah, of course jesus wasn't baptized till 30! what a bunch of crock! now i almost don't wanna give the talk at all! i will feel like a puppet on that stage on tuesday.

    but I will look cute doing it. Don't mean to brag but there's a handful of older brothers in my hall hammering for a "courtship" with me. My mother actually thinks there is something wrong with me for having no interest in any of them. What seems to be the problem mother??! Heaven forbid I am not attracted to the 27 year old ministereal servant who wears the ugly ties and can't seem to keep his eyes at my tits. The nerve of me thinking that at 22 I am too young to get married! I should be honored to even be seeked by such a man of Jehovah and eager to live a life of submission and toilet cleaning after meetings every other week.

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    Oh, I know, you can use the theories out of that Dan Brown book...DaVinci Code...

    Jesus' Family...well of course you can talk about how close and spiritually connected he and Mary Magdalene was and how she brought up her child under the same theological guidelines that her husband and martyr set forth...and that she too, preached across the land (while really fleeing the romans) and entered into France where she helped found the French Royal Family (whom claim that they had the blood o' christ flowing through them with Christ's child.) - I'm sure I'm butchering or somehow getting these explosive points wrong...but you get my drift. ;)

    Forsharry, of the "As the world turns so do the days of our lives" class

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    [email protected] Just waiting for the right apostate to show ? I'll take you away from all that cleanliness .......................... ROTFLMAO

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