Are the experiences of unbaptised born-ins of less importance?

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    My opinion. Those born into it had no choice. Those who converted as adults are just kinda stupid and probably would have fallen for some type of scam anyway. -- Irongland

    Based on the above, I can only conclude that Irongland converted to JW as an adult.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    My opinion. Those born into it had no choice. Those who converted as adults are just kinda stupid and probably would have fallen for some type of scam anyway

    All the information on mind control, propaganda and indoctrination states that the the new beliefs are taught on a gradual way so as to deceptively gain the prospective recruit's trust. It is an on-going process that becomes fully realized only after an acceptance of the core beliefs.

    All those studies with their tightly controlled format are part of the indoctrination. Those studies happen from the beginning when a person first shows moderate interest and than all the way to baptism.

    For those born it the process starts even before they can talk. They are taken to meetings. They are read bedtime stories. They are forced to sit, obey and learn.

    At least an adult has the choice to say "No thanks". These kids don't have that chance. Many are beaten so they sit quiet and learn.

    But it certainly doesn't start after baptism. They are "hooked" long before that. Answering all those questions before baptism is proof that it has worked. The changes that a recruit makes before baptism is proof that it works. Shutting off of those not interest who are in their lives is also proof that it works.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    This has been playing on my mind all evening.

    I feel so sorry for those kids who had nothing but a steady diet of WT propaganda. I remember taking my kids to the back of the hall and walking back and forth with them to keep them quiet. But if I was interpreting their father was caring for them. If they didn't sit still, or fell asleep or weren't paying attention he would reach over and swat them or pinch them (I would find the marks from that when they were dressing for bed at night). And if that didn't work there were threats and a trip downstairs for a few swats and then a lecture whern we got home. I remember the screams of little kids downstairs getting walloped because they couldn't sit still.

    If you joined up as an adult you didn't have some one slapping you to pay attention. Or to wake up. You didn't have to worry about getting a spanking or lecture when you got home. You didn't have someone ignoring your pleas of sickness if you decided to miss a meeting or cancelled service on a Sat morning.

    Some of these kids had that for years! How anyone can say it doesn't count as much as someone who made the choice to go in is beyond me.

    Don't get me wrong. I think the adult joiners still have plenty of their own issues. They are just different.

    The experience of getting involved is different and the experience of getting out is different.

    But it is all bad

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