Simon, I challenge you to watch "Winning Iraq: The untold Story".

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  • under74

    Still understood what you were getting at fwilly.
    Sorry the editing didn't work.

  • RubaDub

    Sorry, but Fox News is the equivalent of the National Enquirer (except I must admit, they DO have some really hot looking women do the news!)

    Rub a Dub

  • DanTheMan
    If we leave again, before the new Iraq government can take over, we would never be able to fight terrorism again.

    But Iraq wasn't terrorizing us.

    And the pre-emptive strike business is such a horrible precedent. The good guy *always* takes the first punch. Sorry Condoleeza, but I would have rather had a smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud than this mess. We would have had the moral high ground that way.

  • Simon
    And the pre-emptive strike business is such a horrible precedent

    I agree. In effect it justifies any and all terrorist action against us (such as Sept 11) because of what we will do in return.

    The trouble is that the truth is known, everyone knows that Bush and co lied (even the die-hards), but the general populace is apathetic about anything important. They only care about cheap gas and nipples appearing in the superbowl. Innocent civilians being bombed? Can't hold their attention.

    The mess in Iraq will take 10+ years to sort out and become stable, probably nearer 30. Be prepared for a lot of American body-bags OR pull out and leave a coutry in chaos (and your reputation and credibility in tatters). Did you think Al Quida in Afghanistan were bad? Wait till you see the oil-rich well-funded Al Quida that could take control of Iraq ...

  • mouthy

    Americans and the world-Bush needs to do something right for a change as he has done absolutley nothing right since being in office except show just how corrupt government can be.

    I dont usually get involved with American politics ---but I have to be honest I think the above quote is a question that many all over the world is repeating.---So many wondeful young lives lost when there were NO TRUTH to the reasons Bush decided to start this mass killing. TalK about Saddam!!!

  • JeffT

    Interesting. The thing is about 11 hours away from being aired, and everybody on both sides already knows what it says.

    So much for being open-minded.

  • 144001
    This is what I meant, no good news is reported.

    What good is there to report? Americans and Iraqis are dying daily as a result of Bush's rush into this totally unjustified and unnecessary expenditure of hundreds of billions of dollars and waste of thousands of lives. That doesn't even count those maimed as a result of this war, physically as well as mentally.

    but if we get out now, it would be just like how we left vietnam.

    Good parallel, except that the later we get out, the more it will be like Vietnam in terms of lives lost and/or ruined by injuries. Regardless of the timing of its departure, America will leave a loser, in every respect.

    If we leave again, before the new Iraq government can take over, we would never be able to fight terrorism again.

    That is utterly ridiculous. What support do you have for this conclusion?

    And don't try to tell me that Saddam wasn't working on trying to aquire nuclear weapons. If he had them, he would probably use them on Israel, or at the least, blackmail the rest of the world with them.

    Nothing supports this claim either. No evidence found to date suggests that Saddam was trying to acquire nukes, except our own flawed intelligence. As for your speculation as to what he would have done with nuclear weapons, it's mere speculation. Saddam wasn't that stupid. Using them on Israel would most likely have resulted in the obliteration of Iraq at the hands of Israel.

    You can't invade and oust a cruel terrorist minded government when they have a nuclear weapon pointed at you. Should we have waited until he had them? I think not.

    "terrorist minded government." Can you define that term and then apply your definition to Iraq? No link to terrorism has ever been found as between Saddam and terrorists. He had nothing to do with Al Quaida, and Bush's warhawks have been working furiously as well as unsuccesfully in an effort to show that link to find any sort of justification for this unwarranted war.

    Using this reasoning, we should have invaded North Korea before they got nukes. But of course, we had no ability to do so, since our military was already engaged in a worthless battle in Iraq.

  • hubert


    Let's just watch the program, and see what it is all about, then we can discuss it more and draw any conclusions we want to, whether the program was worth watching or not.

    To tell the truth, I don't even know if it will be as good as I hope it is, too, but I'm going to watch it, and see.

    If we leave again, before the new Iraq government can take over, we would never be able to fight terrorism again.

    144001 says.... That is utterly ridiculous. What support do you have for this conclusion?

    What I meant by this is, We would never be trusted to see any fight through to the end again. No country would trust us to stay and help if we have the image of cutting our losses and getting out, like we did in Vietnam. I am using Vietnam as an example, because that's where we got the reputation to cut and run. That's what the terrorists want us to do. They expect it. This is why all this kind of talk isn't good for the cause, it only fuels the fire. If everyone would back this war, the terrorists would give up trying to push us out, before the time is right for us to leave. WE ARE ONLY STAYING THERE UNTIL THE IRAQ GOVERNMENT AND IRAQ MILITARY CAN KEEP THINGS UNDER CONTROL. That's what we DIDN'T do in Vietnam.

    I totally agree that Vietnam was a war we shouldn't have been involved in in the first place. It was a huge mistake, and cost us our reputation to see things through, also.


  • hubert


    The story was much better than I expected. I thought they were only going to interview soldiers, but most of the people who were interviewed were Iraqi's. I didn't see any guns pointed to their heads, either, so you can't say they were forced to say what they did.

    What an excellent show. I could watch news like this, anytime.

    I hope some of you watched it.


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