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  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Here's the beauty of the situation. If you don't believe in abortion. Don't get one. If you are ok with them, fine have one.

    What your next door neighbor does regarding this doesn't affect you in the least. Why does this, along with gay marriage, create such a stir? As the law stands now, no one is going to force you to have an abortion against your will. However, I do know that JesusJuice Drinkers would love to make it so others could not get an abortion, or at the very least curb them dramatically. Usually these staunch anti-abortion folks are also of the political stripe that they hate any forms of welfare too. So they want to force a woman to have a child, yet no provide any financial assistance either. "They should work their butts off gosh darn it...no one helped me", is their usual refrain.

    We have a long way to go towards helping our own infant mortality rate. In fact a baby born in Washington DC, has a higher mortality rate than one born in Beijing. So until we take care of the babies already being born, let's not get too upset about those not being born. Also, there are many charitable organization out there that help women bring babies to term instead of aborting them. If you are so anti-abortion, let me ask: Are you putting your money where your mouth is by donating to these causes? Or volunteering? Or petitioning your lawmakers to change laws to help women to choose to bring babies to full term?

  • defd

    my view on abortion is this. we ALL have free will to do as WE please. I am just glad that I have never had to make or been confronted with that kind of decision.


  • misspeaches


    Your an amazing woman - you really are!

  • MsMcDucket
    Jehovah is the Source of life. All living things owe their life to God. ( Psalm 36:9 ) Life is sacred to God. Even the life of an unborn child inside its mother is precious to Jehovah. To kill such a developing baby on purpose is wrong in God's eyes.— Exodus 21:22, 23 ; Psalm 127:3 .

    Ok, if life is so precious to Jehovah, why is he going to kill everyone but dubs at Armaggedon? Also, if the "breath of life" (key point here) goes back to the one who gave it, is the baby really dead? Remember that witnesses believe that the baby has to take the "breath of life" to become a soul. So, if it was never a soul (according to the witnesses), it was never alive.

  • Ellie

    Heres the story here, its a bit long winded but interesting:

    Surviving Abortion


    28 years ago Gianna Jessen's mother had an abortion when she was 17 years old, and seven and a half months pregnant. It failed. Hours later her baby, Gianna was born - alive. Because of the complications Gianna was born with cerebral palsy but has defied doctors predictions that she would be brain damaged and never walk. Gianna is currently over from America lobbying for the 24 week abortion limit to be reduced, and today she tells us about her miracle story.

    The Abortion

    Gianna was born in April 1977 in an abortion clinic in Los Angeles. Her mother, Tina, was 17 years old and seven and a half months pregnant when she decided to have an abortion. Her mother was given a saline injection which would induce her into giving birth to 'fetal tissue' within 24 hours. At around midnight Tina's waters broke. She felt the need to push and her abdomen was contracting incessantly. At 6.00am on April 6, Gianna was born - alive, weighing 2lbs. She was taken pity on by a nurse and rushed to a nearby hospital. She spent the next three months clinging to life.

    Gianna's next home was an emergency foster home where she lived for 17 months (she was also abused). She was then placed in the care of Penny, a Southern California woman who cared for more than 55 children as a foster parent. Eventually Penny's daughter, Diana De Paul, adopted Gianna aged four.


    At 17 months Gianna was diagnosed with cerebral palsy caused by her brain being starved of oxygen during the abortion. Doctors told Penny that Gianna would never walk or talk and that she would live in a vegetative state. But Gianna says "I had the will to live and I still do." Penny taught Gianna to walk twice, when she was three and again after surgery when she was 10.

    Finding Out

    Gianna discovered her mother's abortion attempt on Christmas day when she was 12. Gianna recalls that she asked her adopted mother "why do I have cerebral palsy? There must be a reason for it." Diana replied "You had a traumatic birth. You were born premature." But Gianna wasn't satisfied with this answer that she'd heard several times before so Diana told her "Your biological mother was only 17 when you were born. She probably didn't have very much hope or money." Gianna guessed that her mother had attempted to abort her before Diana could tell her. Her response. "Well, at least I have cerebral palsy for an interesting reason." Despite many questions that remained unanswered such as, "Why didn't she want me? When she found out I was still alive, was she sorry she had an abortion?" Gianna says that she does not begrudge her mother but has no desire to be in contact with her.

    Extract from her testimony (at www.abortionfacts.com) written in 1996

    "There were many witnesses to my entry into this world. My biological mother and other young girls in the clinic were the first to greet me. I am told this was a hysterical moment. Next was a staff nurse who apparently called emergency medical services and had me transferred to a hospital. There was not much hope for me in the beginning. I weighed only 2lbs.

    A doctor once said I had a great will to live and that I fought for my life. I eventually was able to leave the hospital and be placed in foster care. My foster mother was told that it was doubtful that I would ever crawl or walk. I could not sit up independently. Through the dedication of my foster mother, and later many other people, I eventually learned to sit up, crawl, then stand. I walked with leg braces and a walker shortly before I turned age four. I was legally adopted by my foster mother's daughter, Diana De Paul, a few months after I began to walk.

    I have continued in physical therapy for my disability, and after a total of four surgeries, I can now walk without assistance. It is not always easy. Sometimes I fall, but I have learned how to fall gracefully after falling 19 years. I am happy to be alive. I almost died. Every day I thank God for life. I do not consider myself a by-product of conception, a clump of tissue, or any other of the titles given to a child in the womb. I do not consider any person conceived to be any of those things.

    Today, a baby is a baby when convenient. It is tissue or otherwise when the time is not right. A baby is a baby when miscarriage takes place at two, three, four months. A baby is called a tissue or clumps of cells when an abortion takes place at two, three, four months. Why is that? I see no difference. What are you seeing? Many close their eyes..."

  • mrsjones5

    I was thinking about abortions for rape victums over the weekend and I remember my mil telling me that my husband was a product of rape and that she didnt abort him because he was HER baby. Also, my own mother may have been a product of rape but since almost all who were involved is dead or mentally not there I will never know (not that I really want to).


  • SeymourButts

    I'll tell you what. I will not oppose making abortion illegal when the moralists in this country can guarantee me that every child born will receive adequate health care, education, clothing, and nourishment. Until that day, which will never arrive because it actually costs money and means we have to actually act---without judgement--in helping others less fortunate than a lot of us, I fail to see how forcing a woman to give birth translates to "right to life."

    Right to what kind of life?

    Does this include the childs right to be ignored or condemned by the rest of us if it happens to be born into poverty, or born to an addict, or born to an illegal immigrant? Does the child have the right to be considered inferior because of its station in life or its educational opportunities that do not compare to schools in, say, Malibu?

    Right to life? Baloney! Right to birth is more the reality. Until they are ready to put their money and priorities where their mouths are, there is no real debate to be had.-- only oversimplistic moral platitudes that really do not address the scope and breadth of the issue.

    It's like looking at the iceberg and seeing only that which appears above the water. It was the stuff under the surface that sank the ship.

    Have we not seen enough of that?

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