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  • bikerchic

    While I can only speak for myself and wouldn't do it except for the case of my life being at risk or incest I see no other reason to have one done.

    It's a poor choice of birth control and does more physiological harm to the "mother" than most are willing to admit. It's murder and it's horrible to suck a baby out of the womb, bit by bit. People have given animal rights more concern that that of an unborn baby, it's a shame!

    IMHO life begins at conception.

    Adoption is a better choice for both mother and child.

    Fifty Babies are Alive after Abortion:


    Supreme Court on Abortion:


  • Scully

    I am at a loss to understand why someone would wait 7½ months before getting an abortion, especially when it can be done at a much earlier, safer and less traumatic stage for both mother and fetus. I have worked with newborns who were delivered at this gestational stage and younger, and they have survived.

    I believe that the decision to bring a child into the world is up to the mother primarily, and if the father is involved and their relationship is solid, he should be part of the decision making process. I wouldn't dream of imposing my own values on the life of someone who may have issues that I have no idea about that a child might complicate even further.

  • kingdavid777

    Jehovah is the Source of life. All living things owe their life to God. ( Psalm 36:9 ) Life is sacred to God. Even the life of an unborn child inside its mother is precious to Jehovah. To kill such a developing baby on purpose is wrong in God's eyes.— Exodus 21:22, 23 ; Psalm 127:3 .

    even when we think of a female rape victim the baby that the mother is carrying is still truly a human life that shares her mothers blood. Abortion in simple terms stops a beating heart. Life is a gift from God that every human life has the right to have. The rapist had no right but the baby has all its rights.

    Also another thing to consider is woman that had abortions in the past in many cases later regreted that decision. Plagued with a marred concious for the rest of their lives.

    In the end its still up the everyones own individuals concious but the bible scriptures do give a pretty staight forward answer through its principles it teaches. The word abortion isnt found in the bible but the principles stay up to date.

  • kid-A

    Life is sacred to God. Even the life of an unborn child inside its mother is precious to Jehovah

    Really now? What about the babies born with deformities, blind, retarded, diseased, spina bifida, missing limbs, etc. Guess jehoobah forgot about those ones eh?

    As to the original question, 7 1/2 months sounds rather extreme and frankly, the story in the first post sounds a little fishy. Could you post the original link or some more concrete documentation? Surviving an abortion would be an extremely rare occurrence. Regardless, its the womans body and its therefore her decision. The state has no right imposing the choice on a woman.

  • greendawn

    Abortion makes my hair stand on end, ok there are special circumstances when it is advised (rape, a sick future human being that will suffer and die anyway, fatal danger to mother's life) but most abortions are done on perfectly normal fetuses. I can't imagine how any woman or self respecting doctor would do it.

  • FairMind

    bull01lay, I'm 100% with you. Abortion = Murder. IMO those who favor abortion for any other reason than the life of the mother being in jeapordy place a cheap value on human life. I know that in today's world many if not most people would disagree with me but then if there is a GOD they'll have to answer to him same as I.

  • delilah
    I am the proud nanna, of a 5 month old grandson.....I thank God, each and every day, that my daughter chose to keep him....he is the light of my life, he's brought us so much joy. For me, and mine, abortion was not the answer. But our situation, is very different from someone else's. I cannot, and will not, speak for someone else.
  • gaiagirl

    Its time to stop trying to control womens lives based on the primitive beliefs of people who have been dead for more than 2000 years. A developing embryo requires two people to initiate, but the male only contributes a set of chromosomes, basically 50% of the instructions which will be used. I've never, ever, met a man who wasn't willing to "donate instructions", whether or not construction actually began. On the other hand the woman contributes the other 50% of the instructions, and 100% of the actual building material used for construction of the growing body within her. This 100% investment on her part gives her total say in whether or not she wants to go ahead with the project. If she decides NOT to proceed with construction of a new body, no one dies. Abortion can be likened to halting construction on a house. If construction is stopped early enough, no one moves in. If construction is halted later, or if the house is destroyed, whoever is in residence just moves out. No one can say with certainty exactly when a soul takes residence in a growing body, but if the soul is in residence, it simply moves out to another body.

  • bull01lay
    This 100% investment on her part gives her total say in whether or not she wants to go ahead with the project

    Bollocks! Feminist bullshit! Sorry, but that's the most eloquent thing I can think of to say about the above statement!


  • Abaddon

    bull01layIf that last post is indeed the best response you can come up with, why is your opinion worth listening to? WHY is the other poster wrong? Or does throwing in the word 'feminist' make you FEEL like you've proved a point? Come on man, engage in the issue.

    In the case of a rape - yes. I agree 100%

    Ah, so the unborn gets to pay with its life through not fault of its own? If it is wrong, it is wrong, not wrong unless having the child of a parist is upsetting to someone. Be logical. Where in the world is murder okay if you are upset? If abortion is murder, it IS wrong.

    In today's society, making free access to birth control etc, there is generally no reason why a pregnancy should result from sex. ( I know 'accidents' can happen ) I entirely disagree with abortion being used as last minute contraception.

    I agree with you about using it as a method of contraception, but most cases of it being used like this are due to poor sex education or poor availability of contraceptives. Most people who think women elect freely to use abortion as a contraceptive haven't had an abortion and are thus unaware that it isn't nice and is rather unlikely to be used as a contraceptive. We can talk about the 5% of cases, but surely talking about the 95% will give us a truer picture?

    It makes me sick the lack of respect shown to human life, and the lack of respect shown by law and society for a mans feelings in these situations too.

    What needs to be highlighted is that there is a world of difference between a six-month term unborn and a three-month term unborn. Whilst the APPEARANCE of the fetus may become quite human by an early stage, basing one's opinion on whether an unborn that LOOKED like a tiny little baby is is the same is a born human is unwise. A three-month fetus is massively neurologically undeveloped; between 12 and 16 weeks a fetus will become MORE nerologically advanced than a pet rat - at the start of that period it weighs grams, is the size of your thumb, and has LESS nerve tissue than the above mentioned pet rat.

    Will you STILL give a three-month term fetus the same as a six-month term fetus which is far closer in development to a new born?

    Do you believe there is something 'magical' about the unborn, like a soul or someting which means even if is just a lump of cells it still has the same 'rights' as a born human?


    The scriptures you use do not talk about abortion. Please provide a scripture that specifically refers to abortion. We wouldn;t want someone adding to god's commands out of a personal conviction they know better than others, would we? If your objection to abortion is Biblically based; show it to me. Remember, unborn are not ruarch (or how ever 'breathers' is spelled), and thus cannot be accurately refered to as living souls in the same way a born human can. Thus quoting scriptures about how wonderful babies are/bad murder is do not give us god's view point of demiberate termination of a pregnancy.

    As I have said, it happend in those times, so why doesn't the SPECIFIC word appear in the Bible in a commaned saying it is wrong? Where is the scripture that says; "As for any woman who kills her child in the womb, or any who kill a child in a womb, they shal be treated as any murder should be treated and be cut off from the people".

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