What view did you have of apostates when you were a JW?

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  • lonelysheep

    I thought the way they wanted me to think.....

    That all apostates were liars out to hurt my spirituality & Jehover was going to get you guys!

  • lucky

    My mom instilled the fear in us from an early age that all apostates were demonized. I can remember in our congregation the apostates were marked on the back of the territory cards as Do Not Call - apostate. In one territory, apparently there was a particularly bad apostate and I remember my mom and the other sisters saying that they could just FEEL the demons emanating from his house.

  • luna2

    I thought that all apostates were people who actively and aggressively tried to pull others out of the "truth" by writing letters to JW, picketing KH's and conventions, and going on television to bad mouth the WTS. I found them pathetic and figured that they just couldn't/didn't want to live a moral life (yeah, I know, gags me too now), so they wanted to prove that they weren't the ones with a problem, but that the religion was at fault. I didn't understand why these apostates, if they didn't believe any longer, couldn't just go on with their lives out in the world and leave us good and happy little dubbies alone instead of engaging in acts of persecution.

    Boy, was I ever a pie-in-the-sky dimwit. It embarrasses me now to admit to such feelings...all based on nothing more than what other JWs told me and what was printed in the mags. I never saw one picketer in all the years I lived in Illinois, never got one crazy apostate letter, or ever ran into a dreaded apostate in person. I made up my mind that they were evil, God forsaken liars with no evidence at all.

  • DannyHaszard

    JW discussion on apostates back in August here at JWD

  • yaddayadda

    I found them a little scary but the whole concept was intriguing. How could they turn again Jehovah so much, how could they be so bent on just tearing down, must be the demons influencing them...what turns people that way?

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