What view did you have of apostates when you were a JW?

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  • bull01lay

    Hi Woodsmanhere - nice of you to join the fellow apostates !!

    I can see how your comments would have worried the congregation..... Lol!! An accurate observation, but fightening for them nonetheless You must have had some balls !!!!!


  • dedpoet

    I only ever had contact with apostates at dc's, and just followed the brothers example by avoiding them. I was told that they spread spiritual poison whenever they had the opportunity, and resolved never to give them a chance to do that with me.

  • AlmostAtheist

    I had the truth, and they didn't. Therefore, they had untruth. Moreoever, they KNEW it was the truth, and left anyway. Which made them liars. And to make matters worse, since they KNEW we had the truth and they left it, they were clearly insane or under demonic influence. So naturally, I wouldn't poke one with a stick that I didn't intend to later burn and bury.

    I thought they were all a bunch of rabid Born-Agains.

    Little did you realize, some of us are rabid atheists! (So are we Born-Once's?)


  • Honesty

    I always wondered why all the JW's in the congregations I was in hated and despised them.

    I know why, now:

    The apostates have the Truth about the Troof.

  • Nate Merit
    Nate Merit

    Hi Bull

    Mainly I was curious. I wanted to talk to any that I encountered in the field service, but I was strongly discouraged.

    I was only fifteen with a pliable mind eager to learn.

    On a side note, how very odd that Pentecostals were giving you fits.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I was raised in the WTS from about the age of 7. I lost interest and faded when I was in my mid 20s. This was about 30 years ago.

    The big boogey-man back then wasn't "apostates" but THE EVIL SLAVE CLASS. They are essentially the same, but the EVIL SLAVE CLASS were once anointed members of the Watchtower congregations who had {shudder} turned their backs on the authority of the WTB&TS!

    These people were the incarnation of wickedness, completely demonic, and somehow they were the ultimate threat to any True Christian™. Odd that in a confrontation between "ultimate evil" and "ultimate self-righteousness" that ultimate self-righteousness had so much to fear, but I guess that is because we are all born defective and incapable of making a choice to be good and decent.

    During my yers in the congregation, there were a few who "fell away" and being a young nobody, I had no contact with them, nor they with me. But I would have avoided them and festooned myself with spiritual garlic and silver bullets if I felt it likely that I would meet one.

  • Finally-Free
    I was intrigued for a short while, until a guy in a motorised wheelchair type thing, tried to get into the assembly by ramming himself into us.

    Don't worry, as you make progress™ in appreciating the finer points of apostasy you'll eventually feel compelled to buy your own motorized wheelchair and ram a few dubs yourself. Put a good ramming bumper on it.

    I was always intrigued by them too, but never had a chance to go over to talk to them.


  • IP_SEC

    I thought they were scum sucking, SOB, player haters.

  • serendipity

    Hi Woodsmanhere, welcome to the forum!

    To answer the question, though I'm still a nominal JW: I only thought negatively of the crazy-eyed people picketing the conventions - who may or may not have been apostates.

    A year ago when I first started lurking here, I thought you were a cheeky bunch to call your gatherings 'apostafests'. Still do.

    I will admit that I think negatively of the irreverant misuse of Jehovah's or Jesus' name on here. But I think the 'dub' moniker is funny.

  • tweety

    I remember in the 80's being in New York City at Bethel. It was during the summer and the front doors were opened....so you could see the street and the people walking by.

    It was only for a brief moment, but a man (an apostate) was standing at the front doors and staring at me. You would think that most people would keep walking, but I couldn't stop looking at him.

    He stretched out his left hand and his fingers pointing at me, he screamed out, ' CONDEMNATION ON YOU '!! He kept on saying it over and over again. I couldn't move.

    One of the sisters standing by, grabbed my arm and told not to look at him. The brothers walked up to the doors and closed them! (Of course he was still screaming Condemnation on you!

    The women who pulled me away, told me that he is called the Coffee Man. He use to be a JW, but Df'd and we nicked name him the Coffee Man.

    Yeap, it sure did scare me!

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