What view did you have of apostates when you were a JW?

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  • IP_SEC

    I heard about Mr Coffee from a bethelite!!!

    Once (according to him) they were painting in front of bethel and Mr Coffee goes on a rant. So the bros "accidentally" spill some paint on the poor bugger. He runs in the front doors and gets paint everywhere. Those bros were sent home from bethel

    Anyone else here bout this one?

  • TopHat
    I thought they were all a bunch of rabid Born-Agains. This board helped me see that that wasn't the case at all.

    Hahahaa...I have an inlaw that is a Born Again...when she heard I left the witnesses she called me up and said she was praying that I would see the light....I could just see her foaming at the mouth as she starting in preaching....I told her that I didn't believe in any religious organization including hers. That I read the Bible and depend solely on God's spirit to help guide me. What did she THINK!! That I was going to come over to her way of thinking. The trinity and so on and so forth. NO WAY!

  • tweety

    Why was he called Mr Coffee? I do have to admit, he was a little scary, but those guys should of never threw paint on him.

    From what I remembered of him, he was an older guy! That could of gave him a heart attack!

  • atypical

    I thought that they were tricky devil-bastards who just wanted to fool me into thinking that I didn't have the truth, even though they knew I did. I bought into the reasoning that the witnesses always use: "They don't have anything to offer but hate. All they want to do is pull you away, where you'll have nothing".

    The only other insight I had was the guys who would be outside the district convention, screaming through a tiny PA system at the passing dubs. I hate to say it, but it sort of reinforced the view of apostates that the congregation was promoting.

    It wasn't until much later that I realized that anybody who stands up and voices an opinion can be considered an apostate. What a scary revelation that was for me!

  • blondie

    To tell the truth, I never understood the stories about JWs who "left." I remember being told in hush-hush tones, "he/she went apostate."

    The only time I was nervous was the few times when people picketed at the conventions. I was embarrassed for them because I knew that most JWs wouldn't listen because of the delivery not because of the message.

    I did read some "apostate" literature and saw that some of it was inaccurate which detracted from the other material. My experience is that non-JWs tend to miss some of the nuances.

    I've learned from my experiences as a JW to realize to hang the WTS with their own words, but make sure the quotes or statements are accurate. No point in getting sidetracked.

    It was an encounter though with 2 non-JWs who planted 2 seeds about what I believed and what the WTS taught. It took about 10 years before I acted totally. But it made me examine everything I was taught after that.

    Now I believe that the WTS are the true apostates.


  • prophecor

    I remember moments in my life, I would run into people that I knew casually. They knew I was a witness or at the time was extremely familiar with the organisation ( Around The Truth ). There was one who asked of me, "Are you still going to the Hall? " , I would say yes, then ask of them, "Have you ever been to the Kingdom Hall?", and they would say yes, along with "I know about the truth". Then I'd wonder to myself, if they have knowledge of the truth, especially with the knowing of "Catch Phrases" and the like, why is it that they're not serving or won't serve Jehovah? Is there something that they know that I don't? Why would anyone with a reasonably correct knowledge of Jehovah's organisation choose not to serve? The person I came across didn't elaborate as to the knowledge that she had but it, somehow, seemed clear that she was not happy about whatever her experience was.

  • DannyHaszard

    The Bogeyman Danny's impressions

  • Cori

    I remember being totally scared of them. At one DC I was on security detail for a member of the GB who was speaking at the assembly. Some were picketing outside and we had to walk him out. I felt like the secret service, but I was crapping my pants. If I only knew, I would have invited them to help me kick his ass!

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Almostatheist: I think that would qualify you as "Unborn again".

    Apostates were to me like the zombies in the movie 28 days. They were soul eaters and liars. I remember telling a CO one time at the pioneer service school that I would "Never stand for any criticism of the organization."

    What a drone.

    Now? Bring it on!

    I'm busy eating souls these days.


  • stillajwexelder

    I viewed apostates as scum of the earth

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