i need some advise

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    Welcome to the forum, Shootist. Is the book you recommended easy to find?

  • Legolas

    Welcome The Shootist!

  • evita

    All good advice
    For many, including myself, a slow fade is the best. But you will need patience and a strong stomach.
    WELCOME to Bayrhino and Shootist.

  • bythesea

    WELCOME Bayrhino and Shootist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bay, I'm also working on a slow fade...since the first of this year...so far so good! Its REALLY difficult to keep information to yourself when you do the research and learn how you've been deceived....I wanted to tell all my family too, but it came so close to blowing up...I learned the hard way that it does need to be spoonfed to them...so try and take it slow, hopefully it will pay off in the end. I agree with whoever said that the immediate family are the ones that need your direct attention....I also have almost 100 family inside the Org and sometimes feel like since I know the REAL TRUTH that I owe it to them to enlighten them all! However, it just isn't that easy....

    Shootist....I would be interested in finding a copy of the book you mentioned! Any idea where it could be found, since it has an ancient copy date? Also, maybe since you've been able to help so many others OUT of the Org since you left yourself you could give us some pointers in how you were able to do that....what was your strategy, your approach, what tactic did you most often find helpful in getting a hearing ear?? Many of us have good friends, family and loved ones we'd also like to get out of Org, so can you give us some tips??

    Again, welcome to both of you and hope we hear from you both again soon! Bythesea

  • bayrhino

    wow thanks alot all of you this is a real boost for me. it's nice to know that theres still brotherhood outside the WT box. I THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT . i will post in the next few months my actions again thanks bayrhino.

  • Es

    welcome to the board. So sorry your going through this....we are here for you as most of us have been in the same predicment. Cant give much more advice than what every one else has given.

    Al the best



    To find the book, History of the Bible by Bronson Keefer, try The Book Tree, PO Box 724 Escondido, California 92033. If this doen't work leave me a message and i'll try another avenue of location.

  • jwfacts

    I am sorry to hear your situation, it is very difficult and not much you can do about it. It is great that you have the bravery to stand up for truth.
    I spent 10 years in your situation. Over the last year I made a complete break from meetings. The sad reality is that most of your family are not interested in truth. I have asked many of my family and it comes down to their fear of the unknown of leaving being far greater than wanting to know the truth. When that is the case there is nothing that you can do to change their minds.
    To understand why this is it is worth reading http://www.jwfacts.com/index_files/cogdiss.htm by by Randall Watters.
    It is worth keeping low, not making a scene so as not to get d/f. Hopefully your wife will listen to you and eventually realise the truth.

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