Hi, I'm very new!!!

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  • katiekitten

    Welcome Rebekah, tattooed lady!!

    I knew you couldnt donate to the Red Cross, because I once saw a picture in the Salvation Army charity shop, and spent a week fighting myself before I finally bought it for £2. Then I spent weeks feeling guilty after - but it was such a great picture. An amateur had painted it and it was fab.

    I couldnt do ballet lessons when I was a kid because they were held in the local church hall. It wasnt even the church who ran the classes.

    I didnt know you couldnt play chess though. I know chess is a war game, but no-one in my cong desisted from playin chess. They also played Monopoly (materialistic), Lose your Shirt (gambling) Operation (blood transfusions!!! - kidding)

  • Axelspeed

    I know JWs who have chess sets also and play. It is usually not something talked or widely circulated by those who do. The WT considers chess to be a Game of War, so it is frowned at in some circles.

    Fun to JWs is supposed to be knocking on doors. It is seen as the BEST thing a JW can do, even more so than things like feeding the homeless.


  • jgnat

    LOL Operation...blood transfusions... ROFL.

  • GetBusyLiving

    Save yourself a world of hurt and investigate the Jehovah's Witnesses from outside sources. The friendly men who called on your door quite possibly have no idea how decietful their cult leaders and the history of the Watchtower society are, due to the massive information control of JW culture and fear.

    Think critically, question everything be wary of ANY group that comes along selling "the truth".


  • Sam the Man
    Sam the Man

    Becky, you made the right choice, and I hope that by now you have thrown that magazine in the bin and are ready to say thanks but no thanks to the Witnesses the next time they come to your door. Be strong - dont let them make you feel bad about rejecting them, they will try to do this, be prepared.

  • JamesThomas

    Welcome, Rebekah.

    It looks as if you may be searching, and I applaud your desire for deeper understanding into the meaning of life.

    When it comes to this type of search, naked honesty and lucid presence in the moment is important as it is the most significant investigation we will ever make. Take nothing for granted and question everything.....especially what you believe yourself to be.

    I suggest you watch how the mind weaves and creates stories and religious beliefs, and then shift attention deeper into what is looking, deeper into the silent presence of being. Perhaps what you seek, is not at all separate from you -- right now.

    Good Luck,


  • dedpoet

    Welcome Rebekah,

    I am so glad that you came here before you got involved with the wt. You say "no way am I joining". Stick with that decision, it IS the right one.


  • serendipity

    Welcome Rebekah!

  • rick1199

    People that play chess are learning how to fight battles and be war leaders !!!

  • DevonMcBride

    Hi Rebekah and welcome.

    I don't think it was pointed out here that Jehovah's Witnesses are strongly discouraged from going to college and those that do go are looked down upon. They are also strongly discouraged from using the internet.

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