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  • Rebekah

    Hello everyone. I've just found this site this evening. I've been off work with a bad cold since Tuesday and there was a knock on the door this afternoon. I don't usually answer the door to strangers but on this occasion I did as I could see 2 elderly gentlemen. They gave me a copy of the watchtower to read and, before I could catch pneumonia , they left me. I read the magazine and found it fascinating. I've never had any religious influence in my family and would like to learn more of your beliefs. Hope you don't mind someone so ignorant joining the forum?!? I hope to learn more. Thanks.

  • Finally-Free


    I think you got here just in time!

    I'd say more, but I'm just heading out to see the dentist.


  • Legolas

    Welcome to the board!

    We are mostly 'Ex' witnesses here!

  • Legolas

    If you value your life being 'insane' free.....don't ever talk to them again!

    Trust me when we all tell you that!

    Stick around and you will see why!

  • Rebekah

    I'm intrigued!!!!! I'm a bit mad already so I can probably relate to you guys!!

  • Legolas

    Why are you mad?

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Rebbekah -

    Welcome to the forum. Stick around and learn.

    If u are completely unfamiliar with Jehovah's witnesses then I hope you will investigate heartily before getting involved.

    Most here are former witnesses.

    I would recommend looking at some of the other threads on this forum regarding the beliefs of this group.

    Or look at a few other forums to see what they are about.





    Or just type in Watchtower in Google and see what you find there. This website is a great ref. point. Perhaps some other posters could post some pertinent links on this site as I do not have them handy?


  • carla

    You should understand that Jehovah Witnesses are a very dangerous cult. Read some of the threads here as well as other boards. You will find much pain and heartache by people who were once (or are still) associated with the jw's. For more info on jw's try Freeminds.org. That should get you started. If you want to lose your family, friends, and control over what you read, how you dress, how you make love, what you watch, who you can see, what holidays are permissable (none), etc... then the jw's might be right up your alley.

  • Legolas
  • Rebekah

    Hmmm, thanks Carla. Why do you say they are dangerous? How long have you been involved with them? I didn't realise that it was so controlling??? I need to investigate!!! Maybe I should try Scientology instead.......!!! Just kidding! A-hem.

    Thanks for the other links by the way.

    I'm starting to think that I'm glad I didn't invite them in for tea!!! Would they disapprove of my Linkin Park video or my video nasty collection?????

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