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  • Legolas
  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Why do you say they are dangerous? How long have you been involved with them?

    I had been a JW for 40+ years. Really all I ever knew so I thought it was what it purported to be. I now believe it to be a cult. Dangerous in the sense that it destroys families from within. COntrol is the name of the game. And it distorts Christianity into a legalistic spaggetti of rules and regs. Love of Christ is not in the formula.

    Read and learn.


  • greendawn

    Welcome Rebekah, the JWs are one of many dangerous and exploitative cults that operate in the world and a google search will bring out many sites that discuss and document this issue. They are not a sincere religion but a totalitarian theocracy that emotionally terrorises its members by twisting the meaning of the Bible.

    Their beginning 130 years ago is steeped in occultism and demonism.

  • carla

    Don't know about your video's, they pretty much dissaprove of anything non jw related, oh, and don't forget anything humerous, sentimental, loving relationships with family, let's see, what else am I forgetting? Thinking for yourself is discouraged. That's kind of a biggy for me. The laundry lists of 'don'ts' is too long to list, those they have in print as well as the ''unwritten rules'. But stick around anyway, that way you can tell people just how dangerous they can be!

  • Sam the Man
    Sam the Man

    Hi Becky, you did the right thing in coming here and looking it up first. So many decide to just get up and join without looking in to it - a foolish move. Here you will find altogether thousands, probably millions of hours wasted in the Watchtower Society (Jehovahs Witnesses) Please take a good look around and check out other sites like freeminds.org to find out for yourself what life is like as a JW. We wasted our lives, and I offer you this advice to take or throw away, it's up to you.

  • Cellist

    Hi Rebekah. Welcome to the board. Hope you stick around, you sound like you'll fit in here just fine.


  • Rebekah

    I never realised that the JW's were like this!!! I told you I was ignorant!! I'm wondering how it's become such a mainstream religion rather than labelled a 'cult'.

    Thank you so much for your replies. From the initial things I have learnt there is no way I am joining!!!! I cherish my family too much and I know that they wouldn't be interested in this 'religion'.

    Besides, I have tattoos!!!!

  • Seeking Knowledge
    Seeking Knowledge


    I never realised that the JW's were like this!!!

    Me either...until I became involved with one & we had a child together. It's been a long & continually bumpy road for me, I hope you do alot of research and come to your own conclusions.


  • bull01lay

    Hi Rebekah - welcome to the board.

    Legolas - interesting chart there, I never knew this:

    Play Chess

    It's so sad it's laughable !


    Besides, I have tattoos!!!!

    Me too... I'll show you mine if...

    Bull !

  • Rebekah

    Does anyone know why you can't play chess???? I won't even start questioning the rest of the list!!

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