2020 Convention streamed

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  • pale.emperor

    I never paid attention even when I used to attend those 3 day wastes of time.

    Ill wait for Lloyd Evans to do a review. Sieve out the shit and show me the larger nuggets of shit they’re feeding the rank and file this year.

    Let me guess...

    • Armageddon is so close.
    • Now is the time to pioneer
    • Here’s a model kid that got baptised, are yours baptised?
    • Here’s a virgin teen that flushed their prospects down the toilet in order to pioneer. Any regrets? “I only wish I did it sooner”. <cue the round of applause>
    • Apostates are deceitful
    • Dont research your own religion on the internet.
    • Heres Steven Lett making a silly face while talking to you like a toddler.
  • jonahstourguide

    Hi fifth.column.

    It's the same globally mate including the 'small groups' sharing <<interesting points>>

    I'm in Australia and have seen the instruction letter.


  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Fifth & jtg

    Hints at a congregation arrangement in US. Worst fears realized about control

    They really think we have nothing else to do, even discounting work do they can have the donations. Goodby vacation, or even an afternoon drive

    Our zoom keeps overloading and quitting

  • OnTheOutside

    My in-wife received this table from an elder. Each day will be split over two weekends with a weekend in between.

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