Guardians Of Doctrine (GOD) and the Governing Body

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  • punkofnice

    OEJ - I think you make a good point or points.

    LGen - I am a guardian of my wallet...sadly it's empty.

    Peely - Welcome. A mammoth 1st post. I look forward to an interchange of encouragement with you. I think the GB defend their own money making charlatanism.

    Edit to reply to Vid - With the GB 'follow the money' seems to be a good tag line.

  • millie210

    Hey Punk!

    Im glad you brought this up...I was amazed when I heard him utter that phrase frankly. If you have been in the truth long enough you know the cadence of the things they say as well as the "language". This didnt fit. This sounded elegant and worldly wise and deep nothing like the way the Org talks ever!

    Because of that, it stuck in my mind. I kept wondering if maybe there was more to this man than I thought.


    Did you happen to see a post by OrphanCrow somewhere on a thread that this phrase was first uttered by the Pope in a speech he gave just recently (2014)?

    So it came from the mind of one of the speech writers for the Pope. Someone who has imagination spiritually and the latitude to express things creatively.

    Once again the GB has hacked something.

  • Saintbertholdt

    I think the whole thing is the product of their subconscious.

    They also might now want to write themselves into the Marvel universe.

    Guardians of the Galaxy vs. Guardians of Doctrine

    GOG vs GOD

    Tagline: "There can be only one"

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Hahaha, Saintbertholdt!!! That was epic, GOG vs GOD, as a Marvel comic adventure. Love that!

    And big welcome to Peely! Love the bible quotes! Don't you just love using the "holy scriptures" against them and their pomposity?!? All those verses fit so well, lol. Blind f**king guides (sorry, I haven't sworn for almost 30 years, and the only time I really start swearing now is when I talk about this religion/cult!!) looking forward to more of your posts. :)

  • punkofnice

    millie - Yes. there was something almost masoninc about the term used.

    Saint - The Marvel universe. Oh, yes. 'I am lett!'

    MWaters - I have been told that out of the people a friend knows that are ex-JW's, I'm the most extreme in my hatred of all things JW. To be hulk-inued!!

  • Vidiot

    @ punkofnice...

    Pretty sure Groot was smarter (and nicer) than Lett.

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge
    His left eye seems to be squinting all the time.

    That's it! Once you are no longer captive of that particular concept, the GB are revealed as blind guides. The "Channel of Truth" dogma is their claim to power. Without that, they have nothing.

    The main JW doctrines are:

    1) WTBTS = God's only channel. ( Easily debunked )

    2) Jehovah is God's name as restored by the WTBTS. This is used to prove that they are the one true religion. ( Easily debunked )

    3) Paradise Earth. ( Specualtive at best.)

    4) Two-tiered Xian hierarchy. ( Easily debunked )

    5) Works based salvation. ( Easily debunked )

    You may be noticing a pattern. The truth is that everything else falls apart when Doctrine #1 is proven false. Dubs put up with a myriad of abuses becuase of Doctrine #1.

    The only way to divorce Doctrine #1 from your psyche is objective research. This requires access to accurate information concerning the WTBTS. This is precisely why the WTBTS goes to great lengths to obfuscate their history while launching forth a never-ending torrent of propaganda. The irony is that Dubs are afraid to doubt becuase of Doctrine #1, so they fear objective research.

    I think Jacko's sole reason in calling the GB "G.O.D", was to try and decieve the RC into thinking the GB have nothing to do with corporate policies. The want everyone to believe that they are just humble old gurus who basically read the bible and pray every day, all the while some "others" are writing magazines and deciding what goes into the Shepherd book. The RC wasn't buying it.


  • Vidiot

    Data-Dog - "The want everyone to believe that they are just humble old gurus who basically read the bible and pray every day, all the while some 'others' are writing magazines and deciding what goes into the Shepherd book."

    Kinda hard to do that when they specifically make a point of warning the R&F directly from the platform about speaking against the GB...


    When an ultraconservative church tries to pass itself off as liberal and progressive, the results are almost laughable.

  • fukitol

    There's no scriptural basis for such terminology. Checking the Concordance, the word Guardian and Guardianship do not appear in the NT.

    It is an interesting description in that it shows they perhaps see their role as primarily protecting JW core doctrine from corruption.

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