"Be Successful in Coping with Change" - Notes from a special talk given after Watchtower Study at Brooklyn Bethel December 5, 2011

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  • wannabefree

    These are notes passed on to me, I thought I would share.

    Be Successful in Coping with Change

    Special Talk Given after Watchtower Study at Brooklyn Bethel December 5, 2011

    MONDAY NIGHT - Monday night we had a special lecture to attend after study of The Watchtower entitled "Be Successful in Coping with Change". Ever since the news was announced that, if Jehovah wills, the headquarters here in Brooklyn will be moving out of the city to upstate, a lot of bethelites have had mixed feelings. Many are from the city, they have been here their whole lives and even have family right here, others just view the older buildings that make up the complex as their home, and still others struggle with concerns of being reassigned out in the field because the new plan will most likely require less bethelites. So much uncertainty brings a feeling of uneasiness that has to be fought off and the family received help to do that in the lecture Monday night. It started out with some amazing statistics, including that there has been an increase of publishers, 953,575 in 5 years! Almost a million people came into the truth in 5 years! And our literature is printed in 559 languages!

    Highlighting the progress he said we should not be surprised for 3 reasons

    A. Jehovah's organization is progressive Ezekiel 1:20 (his heavenly organization is like a speeding chariot, symbolizing that it is on the move).

    B. Revelation of truth would become abundant in the last days and the light would get brighter (Dan 12:3, Prov 4:18), so we should expect refining and our understanding to be clarified.

    C. Jesus Christ is a progressive leader and not stagnant (Rev 6:1,2) Jesus is riding forth to complete his conquest. Yet, because we are imperfect, we need help, so we considered 3 specific areas, giving a biblical example and a modern day example.

    1. From advancing spiritual light - it can be difficult if a teaching is especially close to our heart. Peter was the biblical example, adjusting to accepting uncircumcised gentiles into the congregation. The modern day example was Brother Macmillan, one of Brother Russel's associates who were all sure they were going to heaven in 1914. In fact, in a famous address at a convention he said: "This will be the last time I talk to you", however, when the due date passed that was supposed to bring them to heaven, Brother Macmillan got right back on stage and gave another address saying they had been mistaken and needed to wait on Jehovah. Later, when asked about how he coped with the disappointment, he said that the fundamental truths were the same, any adjustments that needed to be made did not affect the provision of the Ransom and hope given.

    2. Assignments - Needs change and we have to be willing to be adaptable and willing to be used in any way possible in Jehovah's service. The biblical example was Jesus who accepted the largest change ever. He went from serving at Jehovah's side in heaven to becoming an infant who had to learn how to speak. But Jesus chief concern was not on what he did or where he did it, but on who he did it for. He was more concerned about Jehovah's will than anything else. Our modern day example was Brother Francis Edwin Skinner, and how he accepted his change of assignment by asking "when do you want me to go?" without hesitation. He said there is no question in mind and heart what he wanted to do with his life. So much detail to his story, so look it up - January 1, 1990 Watchtower starting pg. 28

    3. Personal circumstances - sometimes it means taking on more responsibility, sometimes it means taking on less. Moses was the biblical example provided. He faced grave disappointment of not being allowed to enter the Promised Land after erring. But we know he dealt with it successfully because in Numbers 27:15 he asked for a successor, showing that he was progressive. Also, in Deut 3:28 and Deut 31:7, he listened to Jehovah's direction to encourage Joshua. So, even though he may have been very disappointed, he put Jehovah's will first. The modern example was that of Brother Robert J. Martin (type his name into WT Library to learn more about him, paragraphs in Proclaimers book, etc., about his overwhelming job of getting printing presses running without any education on them) . He was one of those imprisoned with Brother Russel. He later became the printing factory manager and did tremendous work there for years. In the 1930's he became terminally ill while only in his 50's so he wrote to Brother Rutherford to recommend a successor, nicknamed "Brownie". He wrote that Brownie could do the job as well as he could and that he was his choice for a replacement. Then he wrote to Brownie to let him know "I have confidence in you and it's the Lord's spirit anyhow, you can look after it just as well as I could." Well, Brownie did do a fine job with his new assignment, in fact, he went on to be used considerably in Jehovah's organization, for "Brownie" was none other than Nathan H. Knorr.

    What did it take for all 6 of these people mentioned to cope successfully with change?

    • A humble and meek attitude
    • Spiritual discernment to put Jehovah's will first

    If we concentrate on these two things, we will transition smoothly as we experience change.

  • metatron

    OK, now the translation from 'Theocratese'

    We're kinda worried about you underlings because some of you might be inconvenient to replace. We want you to hang on to hope, however false, at least until we can eliminate your position, in a manner that saves us hassles and money.

    We know that many of you are terrified of getting dumped, largely because you've "faithfully" absorbed our propaganda for many years - and this is the worst labor market in 60 years. Well, tough luck.

    So, continue to hope, bend over, and spread your cheeks wide. You're getting screwed and there's nothing you can do about it.

    Your Brothers,

    The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses

  • Ri

    Why do they use the word "progressive" to descript the Watchtower people?

  • DonutZ!

    "continue to hope, bend over, and spread your cheeks wide." Lmao this organization one day will pay for their actions!

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    It started out with some amazing statistics, including that there has been an increase of publishers, 953,575 in 5 years! Almost a million people came into the truth in 5 years!

    And in the past 13 years, just over 2 million have left the borg. Isn't that heartwarming?!


  • exjehovah

    Metatron, I liked your translation!!

  • factfinder


    Thank you very much for sharing these notes with us. I'm interested in the statistics if you would not mind sharing them. Thanks.

  • factfinder

    I feel sad that they plan to sell off the Brooklyn headquarters buildings, especialy the 124 C.H. building and 117 Adams St complex. When I was a witness brooklyn bethel was a very special place to me.

    It seems the plans to downsize and move away from Brooklyn is strictly an economical one. If Jehovah was really blessing them and backing them they would have no financial problems, no need to downsize and would be continuing to expand in Brooklyn, not sell off and leave.

    Remember, in the late 80's there were plans to expand the Adams St printery by building a large new addition on Jay St to accomadate more presses and book binding equipment.

    Later they planned instead to build a large new residential complex on the Jay st property.

    Due to financial downturns each plan was scrapped.

    It just becomes more and more apparent (sadly) that Jehovah is not, and never was, backing the WTS. Its just another religion, albiet with an amazing printing and publishing operation of its own.

  • steve2

    It must truly irritate the GB that they have to use such a lengthy lot of sweet persuasion to lure the hard-working but routinized rank and file into change. Gone are the Jehovian days of barking orders and using threats (see the Old Testament and Judge Rutherford for far too many examples).

    The cruel thing is that the success of the organization has for so long depended on a willing band of hard workers who work most effectively as unthinking cogs in a machine. The threat of change forces them to re-evaluate their long-held routine and it can - and does - de-stabilize even devoted members. I can imagine older workers being the most threatened by the change.

    Ah, as Buddha said, Life is full of pain' yet as we also know, some poor suckers get more than their fair share of it.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Very interesting, WANNABEFREE.

    "B. Revelation of truth would become abundant in the last days and the light would get brighter (Dan 12:3, Prov 4:18), so we should expect refining and our understanding to be clarified."

    I really do hope the 'revelation of truth become abundant' and even more wacky than the overlapping generation. Gives me the hope of getting more of my family/friends out with me.

  • metatron

    Here's some reality from Bethel history.

    Back in the 70's, Knorr got so upset with how much Bethelites hated being at Bethel, with all the problems they caused ,that he told them to 'get out'.

    Then, later, during a squeeze in bindery production, he begged skilled guys not to leave, so their production (business) wouldn't suffer.

    Fast forward to 2012 - you are a functionary, a cog in a machine, a means to an end, cannon fodder, and above all.......dispensable, just like the poor ba$tards they kicked to the curb earlier.


  • stillajwexelder

    Metatron may I have a copy of your dictionary please - it is brilliant. The one that gives the translation form WTSpeak to bullshit free.

  • wannabefree

    I'm interested in the statistics if you would not mind sharing them.

    I shared all that I was given.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Hmmm, sounds like they're gonna start kicking the old-timers out next. Probably gonna ship out the widows and old bethelites that get social security checks, I suspect.

    Ah yes, with the incredible growth in the organization, it only makes sense that they would be closing branches and selling off properties all over the world. Downsizing is evidently a sign of Hojovah's blessings.

  • Violia

    The words Jehovah's Celestial Chariot brings back so scary feelings. I recall hearing this first in a talk and it was scary and new and many of us were frightened. Where was the Org going? Did not matter, stay with the Org. or get left behind.

  • MrMonroe

    Small point: Robert J. Martin, the WTS office manager, was jailed with Rutherford, not Russell. Don't know if it was the mistake of whoever took the notes or gave the speech, but I think it's sad that JWs so little about the history of their religion they can confuse the two. Even when I was a JW I knew CT Russell was the founder of the WTS, but it was very easy to confuse him with Rutherford. Only after I left the religion did I really do proper research on the religion and gain a clear view of who it was who'd established all the doctrines and rules, and what sort of men they were.

  • cyberjesus

    Reading that crap makes me soo happy that i got out.......

  • Phizzy

    I thought the same as you Mickey Mouse as soon as I read that "amazing" figure of just under a million increase in 5 years.

    So, working out an average for those leaving, it means that over 769,000 left in that 5 years. The vast majority of those would be people like me, who had believed, and lived, the relgion, and yet have left because they see it is false.

    The "increase", that is newly baptised persons, have yet to find this out, let us hope they do so before they too are royally screwed like the poor people who have wasted their lives serving a Publishing Corporation by working at Bethel.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Brother Macmillan got right back on stage and gave another address saying they had been mistaken and needed to wait on Jehovah.

    Someone at HQ actually admitted they had made a mistake.

    Regarding 1975, it was the over-anxious R&F publishers who made the mistake of assuming more than was written. NO mistakes at HQ!


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Fascinating; thanks. Makes me wonder who actually gave the talk... it would speak volumes about who's got the most clout amongst the 7 gerontocrats sitting in the seat of Moses. Or was it a "show-of-solidarity" symposium?

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