International Conventions = $$$$. WTBT$ in bed with South Korean government

by Mattieu 41 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • joe134cd
    Absolutely shocking. There was an international convention hosted in my country. I knew some delegates coming from a developing country. I invited them to stay at my place, as we were told to show hospitality. I was then told by the PO that all delegates had been assigned hotel rooms. I found accommodation in other hotels that were vacant and at a lower price. So armed with this knowledge I emailed these delegates and ask them if the could ask the bethel in their country if they could seek private accommodation with a brother they knew. I was happy to have them. Anyway cut a long story short they ended up staying in the hotel rooms (I think it was just under $1000). When I meet up with them I asked what the reply had been from the bethel about staying with me. I was informed that their email was never replied to. What makes me so mad is I knew these people (from a developing) country couldn't really afford the cost of the hotel, but we're forced to take it. I ended up hiring a van and showing them part of the country side.
  • ssn587
    Remember wife and I were going to attend an international forget which country, but got the package price, then we went on line and found the same flight and accommodations much cheaper, that was one thing that cracked open her eyes a little.

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