International Conventions = $$$$. WTBT$ in bed with South Korean government

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  • dozy

    I often used to see these eulogising articles in the Awake about cities that looked like advertising copy from the tourist authority - now I know that they often were. It must be a brilliant sweetener for a deal to offer an Awake article that would be printed in 15 million copies worldwide - at zero cost to the WTS. So much for "food for the proper time from the faithful & discreet slave."

    When I was younger we went to an international convention using the WTS packaged deal. Talking to a non-JW couple at the breakfast table , they couldn't believe just how much we had paid for the hotel accommodation - far higher than what they paid & even higher than the hotels advertised "rack rate" at reception. Quite a lot of the brothers staying at the other hotels had the same gripe - some were going to complain to the WTS but as usual , nothing came of it.

  • scotinsw

    Not the first time there has been both branding.

    My dad went to one of the international conventions in the USA in the 1960s and still has the wine glass given out on the flight with dual branding with Pan-Am airlines and the title of the convention.

  • designs

    Greg Laurie of Calvary Chapel was gung ho on Conventions till he lost money on a few and then Jesus wasn't so bankable anymore

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    The first int convention I went on was to Russia in 1993.

    Overall, it was a good trip. One advantage of the trip (despite the overpricing) is that you are traveling with fellow witnesses, some of whom I knew so you were traveling with friends.

    One fiasco that happened was with the accommodation. We were supposed to have paid for “first class” accommodation, although we knew that, considering it was only a few years since the Wall fell, “first class” may not mean the same as it does in the First World. Well, in Moscow the accommodation was fine. Maybe not the Ritz, but it was good.

    However, at Novrogod, an ancient town halfway between Moscow and St Petersburg, we were accommodated at…… a brothel. Yes, we found out the next morning that the shabby little hotel we were staying at was really a brothel. I suppose that explained the skanky girls and middle aged men hanging around the hotel’s bar.

    Then, we arrived at St Petersburg to find that our accommodation was CANCELLED. The story was that the Orthodox church leaders had found out that a bunch of JWs were staying at the hotel and weren’t happy, so our accommodation was cancelled. I’ll never forget the poor Russian guide (non JW) we had – she burst into tears when she told us the news!!

    Somehow, we found another hotel and stayed there.

    Afterwards, once we were back in Australia, we received a letter apologizing for the stuff-ups. They admitted that we hadn’t stayed in true “first class” accommodation and as a refund for the premium we had paid for the accommodation, we received a cheque for…

    One hundred dollars !!!!

    Umm, thanks WT Society…. I’m sure we paid more than that for the upgrade, but don’t worry, I’m sure you out our money to good use (/sarcasm)

  • WingCommander

    Wow! What eye-opening experiences!! This truly shows what for a sham these International Conventions are. Sorry, but these don't appear to be anything more than glorified District Conventions for the New York heavies and wealthier JW's. How many of the poor brothers and less fortunate get to attend these big ta-dos? NONE.

    It's a tourist trip with JW overtones. That experience about Dan Sydlick above is sickening. "Spend your money, brothers!!!!" Did this man ever work a REAL f*cking job in his life, or has he always sucked on the WT's teet? The money he spends is directly from the pockets of the "sheep" that he looks down his nose at. DISGUSTING!!!

    Truly, they are not our servants, our shephards....they are Over Lords and they know it.

    - Wing Commander

  • peaches

    oh my god,,,,,,this is just so awful......should i puke now or later.....i do not understand these they not have a can they claim to love god,,,,then turn around and be so can anyone work with them,,,,,and not see this??.....

  • besty

    Mattieu - you have a PM.....

  • sir82

    Very interesting.

    I always wondered about those 6-page photo-filled Awake articles on "glamourous" cities that (hey! what a coincidence!) just happened to be the same cities that were scheduled to hold international conventions.

    Silly naive me...I was thinking "what a nice idea, give the brothers who are going there to a convention some background of where they will visit..."

    Yeah right....

  • JWoods

    And how much of this is going on at a mini-level now that "assigned hotel rooms" are being handed out for (U.S. at least) district conventions?

  • Cadellin

    Mattieu, thanks for posting about this. My MIL went to the Hawaii Int'l convention this past year and I almost fell off my chair when I heard how much she was paying, just to fly from the west coast of the US and stay for 10 days or so (less, actually). It was easily twice what she could have otherwise done it for, especially considering she was sharing the room w/another sister.

    What makes me so mad is that she's a widow on a fixed income, you know, the ones the brothers are supposed to look out for...

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