THE ANOINTED: Qualified? to be Judges?

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  • Terry

    The cream of the anointed crop, as it were, is the Faithful and Discreet Slave. They direct the others. But, all will serve a "greater" purpose as Kings and Judges in the government designed by Jehovah.

    The finesse to this argument is that humanity has an ace in the hole; that being our judges have been sinners too! We do not face a sinless Judge! Since our Judges have done the worst deeds imaginable we cannot regard our judgement at a foregone conclusion based on a perfect standard for imperfect men. Why? The Judge who formerly carried on an impious life found a means to change their misdeeds into a new life or righteous standards. The changeover proves the possibility of reaching a standard of thinking and behavior that can be approved by the Perfect God. His spirit does the rest.

    The above is the plan as we learned it from the Watchtower.

    But, the Faithful and Discreet slave in Brooklyn New York have a completely contrary set of personalities to this scenario! As far as any of us can tell, these men do not marry, do not engage in sex and know nothing FIRST HAND about the struggle to earn a living in a workaday world with children to raise and obstacles to overcome. These leaders, these potential judges of humanity are living in an IVORY TOWER immune to humanity. This is the WATCH (ivory) TOWER!

    Why would these men be ideal judges of humanity in view of their monk-like isolation from actual day to day living?

    A man who has not married makes policies about marriage? This is a worthless standard as a model of leadership.

    A man who does not engage in sexual relations creates policies about intimate behavior? This is self-righteousness entirely!

    A man who has no children of his own is an expert at child-rearing? What madness!

    The men in Brooklyn New York are the tail that wags the "anointed" dog worldwide. They are the motor of philosophy all must embrace by word and deed and belief. That is why I raise the question: How do these elite anointed fit in with the picture we have been given of reformed sinners judging humanity from a position of having "been there" and having "done that" when they never have?

    Is this not the ultimate bait and switch?


  • 144001

    Every one of the "Annointed" I knew seemed qualified only to die, as each and every one of them were too old and senile to do much more than that.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I think that all the members of the Governing Body should be given German Shepherd puppies right away. Then, like the Hitler Youth, they can raise their canine charges to full adult dog-hood, at which time they will be required to strangle the dogs with their bare hands, this demonstrating their non-discriminatory social pathology.

    Ted Jaracz could be excepted, based on his prior performance. He's accused of having done far worse.

  • peggy

    It is my belief that within ANY organized group you will find CORRUPTION! The problem is that FDS has charged EVERY group, but their OWN, to be CORRUPTED!!! They have set themselves apart and ABOVE and we BOUGHT it, at least for a time. MEN in POWER judge THEMSELVES to be qualified! We the people must NOW judge for ourselves!

  • Quentin

    There have always been and will always be those who judge and rule over others. No matter their life experience, no matter their qualification. There have always been and will always be those who allow themselves to be judged and ruled over. Humanity is weak and easily lead about on a leash like a trained monkey.

    When we break free most of us do nothing except trade one master for another. Who’s your master today?

  • thom

    I went on a study with another brother years ago and we were discussing Jesus ransom being what was necessary to counter Adam's sin. When he asked the guy we were studying with if it was clear to him the guy said, "It's not the same... Jesus didn't have a wife."
    The brother who's study it was laughed, thinking he was joking (the brother was single), but that really made an impression on me. I was still single at the time, but it made alot of sense. Jesus did not have the same temptations and circumstances as Adam.
    That thought never left me and your post makes alot of sense in the same way.

  • Honesty

    They are judging and receiving their rewards now. If I was a member of the GB and as old as they are I would be really concerned about my eternal future.

  • Terry
    They are judging;and;receiving their rewards now. If I was a member of the GB and as old as they are I would be really concerned about my eternal future.

    You mean: INFERNAL FUTURE don't you ?

  • mrsjones5

    there is no anointed 144,000 of faithful jws or whoever else is supposed to be included in that number

  • AndersonsInfo

    I want to add an observation here. All of the "annointed" presidents of the Watchtower organization have been married, except one, Fred Franz. Russell was married but said he didn't have sex; and, if the rumors are correct, Rutherford who had been married and eventually separated, had too much sex. There is a lingering question about whether Knorr was celibate; however, he sure had an attractive, intelligent, down-to-earth wife. Fred Franz never married, which doesn't necessarily mean anything about his sex life. And to my knowledge, all of the Governing Body today are married and some have children. One even had step-children. I knew most GB wives and have observed, generally speaking, that their personal lives and that of their husbands are much the same as most couples. I really liked all of the wives I met, except one, and I didn't particularly dislike her. She was kind of an enigma, and I was uncomforable when she was around. Anyway, the marriage, sexual and child-rearing policies in the organization didn't come about because of the personal domestic situations of the Governing Body. That explanation would be too simple. Policies in the organization evolve because of many factors; sometimes they are created or changed because of Biblical interpretation and, sometimes, due to secular or societal influence, etc.

    It's true that most of these men have led a sheltered sort of existence away from the day-to-day life most of us experience which, some contend, would impede them from being qualified judges. Since there isn't any proof that they will rule over the earth in the future, it's non-productive to discuss whether they will be qualified judges then. However, as far as the "annointed" governing Jehovah's Witnesses fairly, with impartiality and justice today, there definitely are problems because of their "Ivory Tower" existance. Without a doubt their isolation prohibits them from being "qualified judges" right now. In addition, most of their advisors (the majority of which are not annointed), are also men who lead insular, isolated lives. That's why, together, they have adopted organizational policies that have produced some pretty negative results because these men can't really identify with their members' lives and adopt policies that are of a positive influence.

    Just my two-cents worth.


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