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  • Undecided

    Yes it was in my home for a while but I can't remember anything about what it was like, we later rented a little building and had it there. We had to repair it in order to use it. I got this backwards, we rented the building first until I bought my first house, then we used my home. We didn't have a KH yet.

    It's strange how well I have put it all behind me to the point I can't remember any of the details of what it was like.

    Ken P.

  • eyeslice

    Had a group in my home for many, many years.
    And, whilst I understand some of the problems, I always counted it a priviledge to have the group. I always held the view that Christianilty was about sharing; our time, resources and energy. I am much older now, nut still remain an idealist.

  • weinermcgee

    my parents had a BS for a few years when i was 16ish, i don't remember any severe problems, I liked not having to leave my house to go to a meeting, but it all ended one night after I had moved out. My parents kept my room exactly as when I lived there, which included 5 glass shelves mounted on the wall with my most delicate posessions, about 30 car models my dad and I built since I was 5, expertly done too I might add. A few ornaments and keepsakes from friends, a couple small trophies from school (ping pong champ and class clown) and a bunch of other easy breakables. One night after a book study some brat picked the lock to my room with a toothpick to look around, they remembered from when I lived home how cool my room was I guess, but anyways this kid was like 15 or so shoulda had better sense. The brat tried to scale my glass shelves to get my "death of superman" comic I had displayed there.

    CRASH!!!!! All 5 shelves come down and everything on it now fits in a 2ft sq box. My dad came down and freaked and I mean FREAKED, my dad can really lose his temper, he was screaming at both the kid and her mother (yeah a girl did this) they left in tears and apparantly went to the elders to bitch out my father, but I liked their response, "you deserved it" After that my dad killed the bookstudy.

    On a side note the woman who's kid destroyed half of my childhood stuff gave me a really cheap snap-tite model that cost like $5 in compensation. and if any of you build models you know how great those are.

    On another side note, my parents never told me about this till I came home again a year after it happened, where I re-freaked out at mother and daughter team, this time they brought me a half decent model and I rudely explained that (a) they destroyed probably $1000 worth of my stuff not to mention the time or sentmental value of it. and (b) you keep the model, shove it up your ass and stay the hell away from me.

    And yes I still have the box of plastic broken models, my mother thinks I'm nuts but I still shovel through the parts and get some memories from them.

  • Chia

    We had the BS in our home for a short time. It was the worst experience of my life. I never wanted to have it anyway, but I believe my mother wanted the glory and attention. And boy did she get it. Yeah, the house always had to be spotless, or as spotless as we could get it anyway. She also insisted on refreshments after every BS. And me and my siblings were always the ones that had to do all the cleaning and preparing of refreshments. The people who attended our book study were never grateful. We'd have the air conditioning on so it would be cool, and they'd complain it was too loud and they couldn't hear. Then we'd turn it off, and they'd complain it was too hot. Then my siblings and I--not my mother, mind you, whose stupid idea it was to even have the BS at our house--got hauled in the back room because the "friends" were complaining that the house wasn't clean enough. Yet none of them offered a helping hand, or offered to have the book study at their house, they just wanted to criticize and complain. @$$holes.

  • ithinkisee

    We currently have it at our house every week.

    We are maintaining the status quo until we leave this town.


  • Finally-Free
    We currently have it at our house every week.

    We are maintaining the status quo until we leave this town.

    BAH! Why don't you go out with a bang???

    Have a coffee night for the last night of the book study just before you leave. Have a nice, home made chocolate cake laced with exlax.

    Make sure all your toilet paper's already packed.


  • anglise

    Hi all

    lots of memories come backwith this topic.

    We had the BS for years, even before other half was baptized.

    Only got rid of it when we changed congs.

    Advantages: Could put children to bed if they were tired/unwell and not miss the group (sigh such a good dub)...... cant think of any more!!!

    Disadvantages: Always having to tidy and get the room ready for Tues BS, Wed FS and Sat FS. Havent got a big house either so couldnt shut the room and leave it ready.

    Always being there for Sat FS. even when the weather was awful SOMEONE would turn up for the group.

    Had to turn out and taxi people there and back so still had to use our car.

    People who came too early.

    People who stayed too long afterwards.

    Muddy feet in the winter.

    Couldnt set the video (didnt seem right) so missed any good progs on a Tues night.



  • misspeaches

    We had it for years at our house when I was a teen. Actually BlissIsIgnorance used to be a bible study and come along to our house for the study!

    But yes we had to keep the house spotless. (My mum is the Australian equivalant of Mrs Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances)

    And my poor old dad (who never was a JW) used to have to sit in the other room being quiet so as not to disturb the study. He was allowed TV but only at a very low volume. I used to feel sorry for my dad. Talk about long suffering.

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