Why is it so hard to have meaningful conversation at the Kingdom Hall?

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  • Cygnus
    No one seems to let anyone that close.... the friendships are pretty superficial. After all, how can you share your feelings with someone who might report you to the elders?

    That's why one of my best friends for over 25 years quit and is technically inactive, and "associates" all he wants, but totally lives a worldly lifestyle, and travels a lot. He can be himself with worldly people, and with me of course.

  • Cygnus

    Hiya Eddie,

    Add to that the fact that many brothers, MSs and elders have responsibilities before and after meetings, so their time for yakking is limited as well.

    Speaking of yakking, gimme a call sometime soon.

    edit: congregational picnics became "discouraged" around 1988 or so. In the early 80s we'd have a couple of them every summer, 150 or 200 Witnesses invading a state park, playing softball (my dad was always the pitcher, that's how popular he used to be), eating hundreds of pounds of animal flesh and drinking copious amounts of Genesee beer. Do they still exist in California?

  • MsShockJock

    I once had a conversation (I use the word loosely) with a pioneer sister for 20 minutes about the color of her nail polish and how she likes shiny instead of frosted nail polish. It was truly fascinating. Also, there were always these sister who you quickly learned not to ask "how are you?" because you knew if you did you'd be subjected to an entire low down of their latest illness and all their doctor's visits, medications, differential diagnoses, etc. It was also truly amazing some of the people who could comment over and over again during the Watchtower. Once they got a hold of that microphone you couldn't get it away from them. They could babble on and on and really not say anything. When they finally finished their comment I'd be thinking to myself, now what did they really say. Not much of anything, just a bunch of words spewing out of their mouth.

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