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  • HappyDad


    You don't know how true it is what you posted........

    Snowbird 101:

    1. Drive as slow as possible, and almost stop at each intersection just in case it's the one you need.

    2. Swing a little into the next lane when you finally do turn. (Just to scare people in little cars like me)

    3. Park at an angle so as to make it difficult for others to park.

    4. Say to people, "It's not hot here. I don't know why people say it's so hot", when you leave before the summer starts.

    5. Dump lots of money into the local economy. (Thanks :)

    I spend quite a few months at my daughters place on the gulf coast and once November hits.........LOOK OUT!

    No offense to older people who are snowbirds ( me sometimes ) but they cause more traffic congestion and accidents than you can imagine. The problem is that they come from areas where you can casually meander your car at 30-40 MPH on the roads they are used to.

    In Florida........once you come out of your side street......you better be prepaired to put the pedal to the metal and do at least 55 MPH.

    But the old folk are not in the same ether as everyone else!

    Two Christmasses ago, my daughter was broadsided by a snowbird who said.............."what red light?"

    Daughter's insurance company told her that the reason Florida's auto insurance rates are so high is because of the number of insuranceless......licenseless and illegal drivers.........and the number one reason is..........there are over 90,000 licensed drivers over the age of 80.

    And the working class has to pay for this BS.


  • Beachbender

    Hey I`m from Cocoa Beach!!

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