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  • gladdy

    Looking for accomadations near Lantana or Fort Worth for 5 months beginning Nov. Anyone know of affordable rentals or sites? merci

  • kwintestal

    You're not going to be a "Snowbird" are you Gladdy?


  • thom

    Snowbird 101:
    1. Drive as slow as possible, and almost stop at each intersection just in case it's the one you need.
    2. Swing a little into the next lane when you finally do turn. (Just to scare people in little cars like me)
    3. Park at an angle so as to make it difficult for others to park.
    4. Say to people, "It's not hot here. I don't know why people say it's so hot", when you leave before the summer starts.
    5. Dump lots of money into the local economy. (Thanks :)
    (Sorry, don't know about accomodations in Florida, but I do hope you find a nice place and enjoy it)

  • arwen
  • coolhandluke

    Ask carol

  • arwen

    actually its my husband and I that are thinking about going to Florida from Nov15 untill March. 30. He is a pharmacist and had a job offer in a new store in that area...it is Lake Worth,,,not Fort Worth...I would like to live in a gated communtiy of a condo that is not too easy to get into as he will be working a lot of night shifts and moving from a place where we don't even lock our doors to a place with possible criminals on the loose scares me...He loves Florida, drives a Harley and I think most people would be scared of him! So if any of you Florida folks or folks with connections in Florida please help if you can. I'll even invite you guys down to visit!!!Bring a sleeping bags through as I don't think we will have too much furniture.!!

  • gladdy

    No, I cannot afford to become a snowbird, but if Arwen and hubby get their butts in the sunny south, you can bet I wont be far behind!!!!!!! honk honk. just like an old goose wanting to head south at the first sign of cold weather.

  • Beachbender

    I don`t live in this area so perhaps someone who does will see this soon and can give you some advice. But this is what I did find maybe it`s useful? maybe not?!!



  • arwen

    Hubby is now talking to a supervisor in a pharmacy group in Palm Bay, near Coca Beach in Florida...we would need to find a furnished condo or apt or house for four months. Two bedrooms would be good as I am sure we will have a lot of company coming from the frozen north! We will probably be doing this every winter if this works out....Gladdy will be happy as she loves the warm weather and she needs a month off.

  • Legolas

    I will soooooooo miss you when you are gone!

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