They are giving my kids notebooks for the special assembly. Why?

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  • vitty

    By the way, how old are your kids ??

  • blondie

    I have seen individual JWs order those notebooks online that have the convention/assembly agenda incorporated in it with the title and space for taking notes. (They aren't supposed to put them out until the first time the circuit assembly for that session is held; same with the district convention)

    Sounds like he is a suckup type of brother trying to make brownie points. Elders, JW parents grandparents try to do an end run around the non-JW parent to "save" their child.


  • TheListener


    Each year the witnesses have three large gatherings. The title and main points are provided through the KM and WT long before the scheduled events occur. Each congregation, circuit and district are assigned to specific places and dates. Very organized ya' know.

    1) District Convention during the summer (3 days)

    2) Special Assembly Day (1 day)

    3) Circuit Assembly (2 days)

    These are regularly scheduled througout the year. Yes, these stupid notebooks are becoming more and more popular. Just more crap to carry and store later. I think it makes them feel more spiritual, like they're more prepared to take notes or something.

    As far as doing something on xmas day. No way. Unless you mean the regularly scheduled Sunday meeting. The witnesses don't officially schedule things to take place on holidays. The prefer to act as if the day isn't really anything special and treat it accordingly. So, there may be a time when an assembly or something falls on a holiday but that is just happenstance.

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