Since I'm New Here Fill Me In!

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  • Legolas

    Around 1995 started studing, 97 got baptized, husband got baptized in 98, and our two kids got baptized in 99. Our son disassociated himself in 2001 I think. I and my husband and daughter disassociated ourselves in June/05!

  • mouthy

    Came as a warbride to Montreal.1944 Found out we were VERY poor. JW knocked with a free bible & book study FREE!!!! I went for it hook line & sinker baptised 1963. Made 3 of my kids JWs ... also converted 10 others to the lie... Was a faithful JW for 21 + years ( with them 25 yrs) Was Df in 1987 ( my hubby died in 85)for not believing Jesus came invisably in 1914... Have lost to the WT my daughter & grand kids.Still in...( One of the other daughters died-but had come free & the other is out also) Nearly committed suicide because I felt Jehovah had thrown me off the ark,,,, But Jesus threw out a net & caught me

    I am 78 years old never knew what it was like to THINK independently >>>>> Very happy they DF me Nicest thing anyone ever did for me....

  • jgnat

    Never a JW, married one instead. My perspective is from the outside looking in. I've been getting myself educated about five years now.

  • Legolas
    Legolas your husband still in?

  • jgnat

    Yes, Legolas, husband still in. I have a thread on the latest development, "What will I do with all my suits?"

  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    Here's the very short story:

    Mom converted to jw when I was 5.
    Baptized at 15.
    Married at 19
    Disfellowshipped and divorced at 24.
    Reinstated at 26.
    Disassociated at 31. (About 6 weeks ago)

    Spent my time as a jw auxilary pioneering when I could (always hoped to be a Regular Pioneer) and being a "good Christian." Now I'm free and am a better Christian than I ever was as a jw.
    Here's the long story:
    tall penguin

  • Mulan

    My parents became JW's when I was 4. I was baptized at age 9 (what were they thinking?).

    I married at 17 and am still married to him, very happily by the way. Some people just luck out I think.

    He was an elder for 25 years. We always had two or more Bible studies going.

    I often pioneered over the years and was a regular pioneer for over 2 years, when our youngest son was still in school.

    We both left in the mid 90's, but faded successfully so are not disfellowshipped yet................but they are keeping an eye on us. I suspect they will come after us when my elderly JW mother dies. For now, they don't want responsibility for her.

    All of our kids and their families are free as well.

  • lola28

    Began to study when I was fourteen, got baptized at eighteen.

    Began to auxilary pioneer right after I got baptized.

    Was a regular pioneer.

    I am now inactive


  • dedpoet

    I got the lie later in life...

    Started studying aged 40 in 1991, when the dubs came knocking

    Baptised in 1992

    Regular Pioneer in 1993

    Minsterial Servant in 1995

    Started to have doubts by 1997

    Stopped attending meetings in 1999+

    Just drifted along for a few years, then the jws started calling again for some reason, and was reminded by an elder that I was still a baptised jw, so decided it was time to change that

    Disassociated in July this year, on the 13th anniversary of my baptism, thought that would round things off nicely

  • mouthy

    You all made my day!!!!!! I am so happy so many are getting free from the entangledment... Makes me think that MAYBE ONE day I will be able to hug my Girl again & my grandkids....

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