Since I'm New Here Fill Me In!

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  • weinermcgee
  • Legolas

    What would you like to know!

  • blondie
  • candidlynuts

    lol you fill US in... your a 30 yr old canadian with the name of gotta have some interesting tales to tell!


  • weinermcgee

    i'm an idiot i pressed enter instead of tab

    what i meant to say was...give me a quick bio/history of your affiliation with jw like this:


    Born a JW

    Spent 24 years being a fathful JW, yes i did personal study and always got min 10hours a month, aux pioneered almost every summer, had all privledges you can have as a baptized publisher, offered MS but had to move.

    Baptized at 13

    Left at age 24

    Got disfellowshipped at 26 for having a female roomate

    Finished with the borg 6 years now.

    Greatest wish: getting my dad out!

  • weinermcgee

    Oh yeah forgot this common JW custom:

    Married at 19 divorced at 24

  • candidlynuts

    gave Jehovah everything i had to give and was always told it wasnt enough. figured there was something wrong with me for all those years till one day i decided all these things that are " required" of me are from MEN not god. long long story of marriage, children, divorce, big move, public reproof etc..

    married at 18, divorced at 36...

    was baptized at 25 because everyone thought i had been baptized as a teen and elders had a fit when they went thru the cong one year and asked for everyone to write their baptism date on their publisher card and found out i had never been baptized lol. i shoulda made a date up..

  • Bryan

    Born into it. Married at 18 devorced at 24

    Baptized at 17

    Made Servant at 20

    Got out in 1988 - grieved may way back in, in 1991.

    Married another witness girl in 1992. She soon divorced me after I fell off a scaffold resulting in a brian injury.

    Left again in 1995 and been out ever since.

    Never been more happier with a life choice!


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • OldSoul

    Still in

  • kls

    Been out for over 20 years ,,Yippie

    Pardon my manners ,,,,,,,Welcome.

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