Lessons from Art Class - looking and seeing

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  • damselfly

    I getcha jgnat

    I see the human body that way, it's not just an arm, I see the muscle and tissue layers and the blood flow, the way the nerves travel etc. I see objects the inanimate objects the same way.

    Dams ( Ooooooone is the lonilest number..........)

  • jgnat

    Words are symbols, not the real thing. Words can only be a pale reflection of reality. When the mind processes these symbols, reality is compromised.

    The fastest way for me to explain the different, Legolas, I think, is to take a good art class.

    Yes, yes, yes yes Damselfly. Another (shudder) question from newbie artists; "how do I make flesh color?". Skin is marvellously multi-toned from the underlying muscles, veins, blood. There's a greenish cast in spots.

  • Narkissos

    I haven't learnt to look as you have, but I think I can relate somehow.

    I would speak of the difference between our "idea" of "things" as a signifiant's signifié (sketches of "a horse," "a rose" or "an apple" conveniently shelved as separate objects-forms in our mind thesaurus and which we call to correct perception and screen ourselves from anything strange -- we know what it is) and the epiphany of actual beings beyond language and imagination.

    In Lacanian terms, imaginary vs. real.

    In medieval philosophy, universals vs. things -- and my heart goes to the nominalists who maintained that "the horse" only exists as a name, not as a reality (as "realists" held), besides individual horses.

    Essential to art is the breaking of the imaginary link: just when a painted horse doesn't look like a horse you begin to see the horse.

    An epiphany of the real which poetry can powerfully effect too: La terre est bleue comme une orange ("the earth is blue as an orange") -- Paul Eluard.

  • jgnat

    Mmmm, narkissos. I bet you say that in a french accent, too.

    My granddaughter started a french immersion elementary school this term. "Grandma, grandma, I can say the alpabet in FRENCH. Ah Bay Say Day...iforgetherest."

  • Narkissos

    No doubt about the French accent...

    Is it your granddaughter on the apple (http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/12/99448/1711488/post.ashx#1711488)?

  • jgnat

    Naaaw, I found that on the 'net. THIS is my granddaughter. I REALLY need to get a current shot..

  • Joel Wideman
    Joel Wideman

    I, too, have such an eye. However, my hands lack the finesse required for recreating what I see. So, I write. I also have such an ear. Again, my hands fail me. Luckily, writing requires little manual dexterity. One only needs to see, hear, and speak.

  • jgnat

    And me, I am no poet.

  • rebel8

    I do get it, and love that way of looking at things.

    *rebel8, of the I've-taken-art-classes-too class*

  • jgnat

    Just the potential that our world may be more than it looks to be (due to our own mental restrictions) is mindblowing.

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