"Grateful for God's Protection"

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  • RunningMan

    Well, I was walking along the seashore today, when I found an old pocket watch. As I examined it, I came to realize that it could only have been designed by a thoughtful and loving appendix. I have now been born again. My life has meaning because Tetra's appendix loves me and was removed so that I could have life.

  • Scully


    Yes, it is truly a miracle. I didn't know that there were seashores on the Canadian Prairie, I guess there are now! Praise Tetra's appendix!

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo
    We are grateful for God's protection.

    No He probably didn't protect them. If anything He'd probably been telling them to get the heck out of there for the 2 weeks before.

    Some religious people forget that their God gave them common sense to use

  • VM44

    Remember when Rutherford "tested" God to see if The Watchtower should move to a new location?

    Rutherford said "Put in an order for extra large amount of coal, and if it is delivered,then we know it will be a sign from Jehovah that we are to move to the new location."

    It turns out that the quantity of coal they ordered was indeed delivered, and The Watchtower moved to the new location."

    I have always had the hunch that Rutherford pulled off some sort of trickery in that story!


  • Scully

    I received a reply from the customer support rep about my reason for unsubscribing. [Vomit Alert!]

    Sorry that you felt that this weeks spotlight was arrogant and that you will be leaving from our newsletter. We screen each of these stories before we post them. In no way did we find that this story was arrogant or offensive. All [edit name] did was share a personal experience of what happened to her. In no way did I see that she felt that God protected her and no one else. In fact at the end she gave thanks for the protection of the entire community (not her family) that she felt was protected by God and everyone's prayers. Here is exactly what she said at the end of sharing her personal experience. "Thank you to any of you who prayed for the Gulf Coast Communities. We are grateful for God's protection" She sounded like she was being grateful on behalf of the entire community that was affected by the storm.

    He still doesn't "get it" that NOT EVERYBODY benefited from this alleged case of "God's protection". There were still hundreds of thousands of people whose lives were RUINED forever, because of "God's" willy-nilly brand of "protection".

    I need to run a virus scan on my computer now. That was just so gross.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    what a dolt!

    it's like people like this are walking on the edge of a precipice of illogic. they will most likely just fall into the abyss of total idiocy, and yet they were so close to just seeing the whole thing for what it really was, but never did get that far.

    it's painful to watch.

    i'm reading it going: "okay now, mention how none of it makes any sense in light of god. mention it now. now would be a good time to mention how...oh! doh!"

  • Cognitive_Dissident

    In fact at the end she gave thanks for the protection of the entire community (not her family) that she felt was protected by God and everyone's prayers.

    good lord, how could this person not see that it's exactly the same thing?! As you said, Scully - "There were still hundreds of thousands of people whose lives were RUINED forever, because of "God's" willy-nilly brand of "protection"."

    Blech. You just can't fix dumb.


  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Yeah Scully, that sort of thing has always made me shake my head. If there is a God, I never thought of them as a micromanager, shit just happens, you know the rain falling on the righteous and wicked etc.

  • Balsam

    I recall while I was a witness for 30 years this comment bugged me probably more than any other, whether it came from JW or Christians in general. I often made the same comment you all have made to them and they would just look at me like I had lost my mind. I said we have no evidence that God does anything physical like protecting us and the bible does not clearly promise such a thing. I found that the bible in places would say that God did protect his people then in other place it said we are at the whim of circumstances beyond our control. JW got where they were careful not to thank God in front of me for things like not being killed in an auto accident when they ran a red light accidently and were ran into. I guess they grew tired of trying to defend their godly protection beliefs. The irrational and unreasoning thinking of Christians is nutty most of the time on matters like this. I'm not familar with any Muslims but assume they are probably the same. The Jew's I've come in contact with seem to make such comments less, probably because of their historical experiences to the contrary.

  • I-CH-TH-U-S

    something bad happens which means its God's fault.

    this tells me that firstly you believe they're is a God to blame.

    so you believe in God in some way, shape or form. which means you should be following the things that he teaches. (the bible). there is a great story of things sucking in the bible. a guy named job experianced this.

    Job had his oxen and camels stolen,sheep burned from the sky, and family killed in an unfortunate structural failure of the oldest brothers house. first thing Job does is he gets down on his knees and praises God (Job 1:13-21)

    key verse is Job 1:22 though, which says "in all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing"

    the purpose of this in Job's life is to show his extreme faith in crappy times. it also led Job to have more physically and spiritually with God. there was a plan and purpose to this catastrophe in his life. (and im sure he couldnt see it when he finds out his family is squished under a roof).

    I believe that things can suck, but there is a purpose in it. You want to blame God for it, i guess in a way i do too, i just see it a different way

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