Paradise Lost Paradise Regained / The Terror Pages

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  • TD

  • gringojj

    In the upper right hand corner of that picture under the car it looks like a dog is feeling the wrath of its loving creator. It did not heed the warning from the wts.....missionary only.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Well, isn't this special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Church Lady

  • Oroborus21


    Glad to see those scans finally got posted. If you want to see more illustrations from this publication you can go here:

    -Eduardo Leaton Jr., Esq.

  • Hellrider

    Those pics scared the sh#t out of me when I was a kid. JWs truly have such "good understanding" of childrens psyches....I wonder how many kids were screwed up by all that crap.

  • TD

    To be fair, this was not originally intended to be a childrens's book and the JW's were specific about that at the time of its release.

    However the pressure for parents to conduct some sort of "bible study" with their children coupled with the fact that there was really nothing else available that was written at a child's level virtually guaranteed that it would become a children's book.

    I don't know of a single person in the 40 and above crowd raised as a JW that didn't have that book as part of their family "Bible" study.

  • kid-A

    The terror picture on page 209....I distinctly recall looking at the picture of the little girl and her dog falling into jehovahs "crack".....

    I was so terrified that my pet dog was going to die at armageddon in such a horrible manner I had nightmares for weeks about it!!!!

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I was a wonderful little JW, elders daughter. I had 2 studies out of the Paradise book. In 6th grade. More to the story some other time. Just wanted everyone to know how spirtual I was at such a young age. HL

  • Sassy

    I know those pages shown above are huge scars for me..

    and not long ago I had a dream not so unlike what you see in those pictures and in my dream my status was like I am now.. OUT of the WTS.. and I was with my oldest son who I just got back in my life and I thought to myself, here we go.. I made a mistake and now we will die..

  • Hellrider
    To be fair, this ;was not originally intended to be a childrens's book and the JW's were specific about that at the time of its release.

    ? Did the WTS ever, on any occasion warn parents that a specific litterature of theirs was "not suitable for children"? If so, that`s the first I have heard of that. And you know how it was, even if there was some stuff you weren`t required/expected to pay attention to, you sat beside your parents at the meeting, looking into the book in their lap. And then you`d see the pictures. I don`t think there`s person in the world, that grew up JW, that didn`t see those pictures, or similar pictures. I sure saw my share of pics of buildings going up in smoke, and people crying with horrible grins on their faces, pullin their hair. Joehovahs wrath on Armageddon-day. Dear God, the abuse they subject their children to.

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