saturday morning

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  • hallowedbethyname

    Woke up saturday morning, after a nice night of drinking with buddies. Had to get ready for my bookstudy---yeccch.

    Drag my ass to the arrangement, BO (bookstudy overseer) asks if I can read today. bahhhhh. I hadnt prepared so I didnt really know what we were studying. Anyways, he gives me a big long speech on Nabonidus and the pronunciation of his name. Inside Im thinking, who cares, Jehover smote him anyways, so whats the point??. Anyways, I didnt realize this study was the explanation of the 607 thingy. As I am reading it, Im stewing inside, 2,520 days, we must apply the rule day for a year, blah blah blah blah blah.

    Anyways, our service arrangement is right after, and I have no intentions of going in service. My BO and his son, are talking in the corner, and I see them looking judgingly as I quietly leave. The son is annoying lil zealot type.........Wanker!!!

    The rest of my Saturday was great, did some shopping, ate a nice lunch and won 2 texas hold-em tourneys online.




    Typical BS at the B/S huh. So you still faking it and going to all meetings too? That Daniel book is much mis-information it makes me sick.

  • defd


    In all sincerity, why do you attend the meetings if you loathe them so much?

  • sf

    I loveeee threads like these. Carry on!

    For some reason, I seem to be more understanding, and I hate to admit, tolerant of the younger jws. It's the older ones that piss me off.


  • Finally-Free
    In all sincerity, why do you attend the meetings if you loathe them so much?

    Probably has to keep up appearances to avoid losing family. It's very reprehensible that the Watchtower Society has created such an environment where a person must give up his constitutional rights because of the possibility of cult sanctions.

    I got up early, had pancakes, eggs, and bacon for breakfast, along with the compulsory pot of coffee. Waited for my new freezer to be delivered. Played with my bird.

    Life is good.


  • thom

    I remember people being all excited that there would be a Saturday morning bookstudy. Yuck! I'm useless in the morning.
    Saturday I got up late as I stayed up until around 4:00. Had some coffee and a shower and then did some shopping.

  • Ellie

    For those of us fortunate to not have to work weekends, Saturday mornings are for relaxing, not for being made guilty for not attending some boring bible study with judgemental self righteous idiots, the sooner you are out of it the better.

  • Lilycurly

    In some sick way, it made me more happy to have the book study Saturday morning before door to door...I mean, the morning was already lost, might as well get a week night back...

  • Legolas
    I loveeee threads like these. Carry on!

    Me too.....Keep them coming!!

  • dedpoet

    I enjoyed your post HBTN, keep em coming. At least you were able to do something interesting in the afternoon, be thankful for small mercies

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