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  • Mulan

    On another thread, I mentioned Tiramasu and that I have a great recipe. I had inquiries for the recipe, so decided to post it. Originally, it was from our friend, Venice_IT.


    5 egg yolks + 5 Tablespoons sugar. Blend 2-4 minutes with electric mixer until thick and creamy.

    Add two cups Mascarpone cheese. Blend for 3 minutes.

    Fold in by hand, two cups whipped cream, whipped.

    Mix 1 cup espresso (I use triple strength coffee) and 1 cup Kahlua. (the original recipe called for 1/2 cup of each, but that isn't nearly enough. Brush both sides of lady fingers with this mixture, until soaked. Layer the lady fingers, and alternate with cream mixture, in a 9 X 13 pan, or a deep bowl. Two layers.

    Put unsweetened chocolate powder through a sieve onto the top for a light dusting. Refrigerate 3 hours or overnight.

  • coffee_black

    Thanks Mulan...yummmmmm....sounds wonderful! I'm going to make this really soon!


  • bikerchic

    Thanks Marilyn I was going to PM you and ask when I saw you listed it as your favorite desert in that other thread.

    Guess I wasn't the only one eh?

    Printing it out now, I'll try it soon!

  • Mulan

    It's really easy too, Kate. You can get the Mascarpone cheese at Trader Joe's. Everywhere else, it's a bit pricey and it's hard to find.

    I tried to make Tiramasu one time, before Venice gave me this recipe. It turned out terrible and was so complicated I couldn't keep the directions straight. This one is really a cinch.

  • bikerchic

    Marilyn have you ever tried making it with a sugar substitute? Like Steivia or Splenda? I know why ruin a good thing.......cept for those pesky little calories!

  • Country_Woman

    Thanks Marilyn, next time I make it myself - instead of buying it. I love tiramisu

  • Robdar

    The recipe sounds delicious.

    I LOVE tiramasu.

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Its my wife's favorite, I'm sure she'll be trying this recipe.

  • Scully


    Why don't you surprise your wife and make it for her? It sounds so simple to make - I bet most of the guys could put it together like a pro!

  • Oroborus21


    sounds like a great recipe but the ladyfingers are supposed to be SOAKED IN RUM or it isn't REAL Tiramasu.

    Virtually all of the tiramasu that you find in restaurants are all not real because they don't soak the Lady Fingers in RUM.

    This is similar to virtually all CAESAR SALADS that you find in restaurants that don't use Anchovies or Anchovy paste in the Caesar dressing.



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