Homosexuality at Bethel

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  • badwillie

    Do any of these names ring a bell?

    Sorry I had to edit the names out. It would be better to PM them privately.


  • outoftheorg

    This thread is of some interest for me. In only one respect.

    I was raised in a religion that condemned homosexuals as deserving the wrath of God and nothing else. This religion claimed to be the only organization on earth directed by Gods holy spirit. In other words directed by God himself.

    To learn that this religion had leaders with sexual confusion and homosexual desires and homosexuals in their headquarters, is just one more proof of the insane hypocrisy of the organization.

    So the "organization" itself is in no way any different than society in general. It had all of the traits of society in general and with it all the problems and questions that the human species has always had.

    The "organization" was bull shit, and no greater in any way than you and I and the average human.

    Other than that, 'homosexuality" is a non issue for me.


  • Sam the Man
    Sam the Man

    Badwillie, i'll give ya a PM in a bit! Cheers!

  • wunce_wuz

    Yes there was. My first day at Brooklyn Bethel I meet another guy, which was also his first day, from the NYC area. A number of months later he and a number of others were gone for gay activities. That was March of '75--those that remember Knorr's lecture that morning...well...it was quite memorable....

    There were other times that guys were dismissed for gay activities and a number of guys I knew that left and heard later that they came out.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Either homisexuality is practiced in Brooklyn/Patterson Bethel, or there are just far too many effeminate guys over there! Of this I'm certain.


  • joelbear

    Gay Activities

    Going to Broadway Plays?

    Watching Football just to see the tight pants?

    humanity is what it is and it includes homosexuals, we are everywhere, Bethel, the Vatican, the White House, the Kremlin, your family reunion.

    hee hee and we don't have to put the seat back down, ;mooo hoooo ha ha. you poor batords

  • Insomniac

    It is kind of funny, this idea of someone "acting gay." Of my friends who are gay and lesbian, I've seen everything from a very girlish-acting young man who wears makeup, to a guy who's probably the most macho, tough guy I know, straight or gay; a gal who likes to wear frilly, lacy dresses and has long curly hair, and another very cool woman who plays professional football, has a crewcut, and likes to get into fights with men in bars. They're all gay, and in their own unique ways, they're all acting gay. There just happens to be a lot of vaiety in human personalities.

    The tough guy I mentioned once told me that he didn't act gay at all; I told him that having lots and lots of sex with young men he brought home, then bragging about it to me the next day over coffee, seemed pretty durned homosexual if you asked me.

  • jwfacts

    I spent several years at Sydney Bethel and though there was nothing reportedly happening while i was there in the early 90's just prior to my arrival there were some brothers kicked out for homosexuality. There were also ongoing talks warning of the dangers of getting too close to your room mates.

    One of my room mates told me one day that he had been gay prior to his baptism and so had to lie on the application form in order to be admitted to Bethel. (there is a question that asks if you have had any prior homo experiences, apparantly you will not be admitted if you did.)

    There was a painting in the entrance of Sydney bethel of a tiger or leopard that was done by a bethel brother. He was married but had a gay relationship while in bethel. I noticed that the painting is no longer there, not sure though if it was due to the history of the painter or that it clashed with the atrocious carpet they put in.

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