Homosexuality at Bethel

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  • TheListener

    Why else do you think there is a "no wrestling" rule at bethel.

  • joelbear

    Well I was at the watchtower farm and I was homosexual so basically everything I did was a homosexual activity and I did watch what I did so, yes.

    Did I ever have sex with another guy at the Farm. My conscience wouldn't have allowed it, even though I of course had a number of attractions and crushes. Seeing 40 or 50 men naked in the showers after work in the factory was sensory overload for me. I tended to hang around guys I wasn't attracted to most of the time because I could be friends with them without the sexual tension. I had no attraction to any of the roommates I had there.

    Sigh, I did fall in love with someone though and my passion was so deep that I told him about my feelings and was whisked away 2 weeks later. I was 20 years old and terribly confused. I was really given no advice. I came close to having a nervous breakdown. I would lay in bed and couldn't stop shaking. I was analyzed as having problems with the demons (they could in to the house of god?) Of the three guys on my JC, two were very kind and suggested that I try pioneering which would keep me busy and not offer the temptations of being around hundreds of men. The other was very cold and businesslike and just wanted me out of there.

    Looking back, now that my gaydar is activated and thoroughly trained, I know there were other gay men there.

    I personally don't see how a life at bethel would make anyone happy, but I think it would be especially hard for a gay person.

  • mann377

    I know of brothers at Bethel that were "gay". I had one room mate at the farm that was from San Franciso. The first day that he was in the room I asked what kind of work he did back home. He said he was a hair dresser. YIKES!!! He was ok as room mate. Never made any bad moves on me, after two months he moved in with another bethelite. They made a good couple. At Brooklyn I had a room mate that worked in the treasures office. He was very femine by nature and I thought he was "gay". I saw some going to the "MR David convention" that was held in Brooklyn, no kiddin!

  • joelbear

    maybe he didn't make a move on you because he found you unattractive.

  • Billygoat
    maybe he didn't make a move on you because he found you unattractive.

    Why is it that some straight men think that every gay guy is out to "get" them? I don't understand it. I have lesbian friends, but I know they aren't attracted to me just because I'm a girl. So egotistical to think that.

  • minimus

    Regarding Bethelites, what are "homosexual tendencies"? Did these Bethelites "act gay"?

  • Sam the Man
    Sam the Man

    Thank you for your comments so far.

  • joelbear

    are they Jewish? i don't know, do they act Jewish?

    do they act black?

  • badwillie

    Sam - I Iived in London from 1991-99. I knew many Bethelites too during that time. I may even know you.

    I was in the Stamford Hill cong in N.London. I hung out up at Mill Hill a lot over those years, we had some Bethelites in our cong. My wife and I used to joke about a few we met that were very effeminate. One I always suspected was the guy they usually had at the front desk as a receptionist, can't remember his name.

  • Sam the Man
    Sam the Man

    This Polish 'brother' called Tomasz was 100% gay, but he used to beat himself up about it, even in his talks he mentioned how 'disgusting' the practise was, I felt sorry for him because he thought it was such a sin.

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