Astounding proof of the existence of God!

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  • Pole


    Agreed, although I'm not sure if it's only the quantity of information that makes the difference. I guess it's a qualitative problem as well (inherent ambiguity of human language vs. monosemous nature of artificial languages).

    BTW, when you say:

    ::DNA passes on information that is not random but is constructed to be read exactly.

    you seem to suggest some intentionality. My question is: where did things go so miserably wrong then? If you think for a while about how inexactly DNA may contort "the information" with all the consequences that follow, the theory of Intelligent Design should have a better-suited name. Like, the Theory of Not-So-Intelligent Design.

    Ah, wait, is this where Adam and Eve step in? ;-)

    But even if we assume this is an explanation at all, what if we consider a scenario in which human DNA is passed perfectly. Thanks to the perfect passing of the DNA, the bone of the skull is hard engouh to protect our brains from damages caused by a bough breaking off a tree and falling on our head. But why doesn't it protect us from a heavy piece of rock falling off the cliff?

    And while our respiratory system is so marveluosly "designed" the question remains: Why did the Supreme Designer mix it with the digestive system? Why do we choke to death on a chicken bone while singing thanking prayers to Jehovah for providing the food? (Sorry, I couldn't resist the temptation of using my favourite example)LOL.



  • Qcmbr

    ..'cos we shouldn't be eating chicken at church.

    I think DNA is seriously degraded from a state of perfection , I think a lot of errors in the dna are caused by choices made by people (taking certain drugs while pregnant would not be recommended for example) and once the error is present its hard for it to be removed (though DNA has some fantastic self repair systems supporting it.) So unfortunately yes, Adam and Eve do come in here..sorry!

    Why are we not perfectly designed? Well to my mind we aren't meant to live forever in this state - it would be a disaster to be unkillable and uninjurable. It would make us spiritually dead forever with no hope of ever returning to God. I think death is as important as birth and that this body is imperfect enough to be forgiving of this environment - maybe a perfect body would have trouble with this world. Naff analogy - a Klashnikov is much better suited to dirt and rough handling than an M16 - the M16 however, is a better gun when its not being abused and dragged through mud. I like a body that is a bit rough around the edges and I really like the idea of a better one in the resurrection.

  • FairMind

    This is a great thread! The Apostle Paul said that God’s existence is proven from creation and to look at creation and still deny God is inexcusable. DNA is just one of many proof positives that life (and everything else) was created. Problem is that evolutionists are just as hard headed as religionists and will defend their faith to the death.

  • DanTheMan
    DNA is just one of many proof positives that life (and everything else) was created.

    That's what I can't understand about creationism. People who support it unwittingly contradict themselves by stating that such complexity and perceived orderliness -- such as is found in DNA -- necessarily implies a supreme intelligence that somehow was able to will these things into being. It naturally follows that such an intelligence would be far beyond that of the powers of the human mind, which is the most complicated structure in the known universe. So, there's something out there that possesses an intelligence that is far beyond our own, and yet, this intelligent being is itself uncreated - ?

    And that's when they start in with the assertions...

  • stevenyc

    Fairmind: DNA is just one of many proof positives that life (and everything else) was created

    As you can tell from this thread, it's not a proof, it's a belief. However, I would love to know what are the other proof;s you are refering to.


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