Astounding proof of the existence of God!

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  • AlmostAtheist

    Perry Marshall has done what no one else could do -- he has PROVEN that God exists! How did he do this? He points out that DNA is a language -- a message -- and messages ALWAYS originate with a mind! Of course, it's so simple. (I'm sure you feel foolish for not catching this one yourself) This isn't just a rehash of "complex things require a designer" -- oh no! THIS, my friend, is proof.

    Read on, if you dare. For myself, I'm on my way to church...

  • Terry

    Funny how easily we are trapped by the very mechanism of thought: language!

    We use language to think conceptually and language has too much abstract malleability for metaphor.

    The possible permutations of extractable metaphor and our pattern-seeking penchant for storytelling and reliance on anthropomorphistic teleological thinking is disastrous!

    We look at clouds and see "figures"! Should we insist the figures are "really there"?

    We look at nature and see "design"! Some insist the design is "really there".

    Is there a way out of this metaphor mentality?

    Yes! But, it requires a discipline to thinking that entails an effort few expend when they already have a comfy notion of what is "really there".

    So, one man looks at clouds and sees water vapor which can be construed in the shape of animals; while another see only animals.

    The ludicrous argument that results is actually more the fault of the one willing to give the "animal viewer" an equal platform on which to debate without dismissing them outright.


  • stevenyc

    There is a bit of confusion regarding whether DNA is a patten or design. It is in itself a fractal pattern. However the preposition laid out in the essay is that the underlying group of objects that make up that fractal pattern is a language. As Terry pointed out, these are metaphors for us to describe what we are looking at. For example:

    Math is a language. Probable to most commonly know global language. One dialect of this language is geometry. If we take 4 straight lines of equal length and connect them to each other so that each end is connected to the end of another line we create and object called a square. By altering the building block of that object by adding or subtracting a line we create either a triangle object or pentagon object.

    Math has been part of the universe since year zero. We, as humans have created the metaphor to describe what we see in math.

    As with the DNA sequence or geometrical shape sequence, the underlying 'language' is the process of description, and not to be confused with deliberate design.


  • Terry
    As with the DNA sequence or geometrical shape sequence, the underlying 'language' is the process of description, and not to be confused with deliberate design.

    Pithy is better than my way, no doubt about it.


  • kid-A

    ....yawn............more mindless drivel from a creationist windbag proving he not only fails to comprehend what DNA is, but also what langauge is. Heard it all before. I especially enjoyed the random "mutation generator" claiming that all mutations must be deliterious, the same old crap the WTS tried to pawn in their "celebrated" anti-evolution book. Mutations can most certainly be good! Certain individuals are born with genetic mutations rendering them less susceptible to certain cancers for example. This is such a ludicrous argument I cant believe the creationists still try to pull that garbage out of their magic bags.

    DNA is merely a template for the coding and assembly of proteins and it is not only until we reach a much higher, macro-molecular level that we can even begin to start thinking of "messages" behind these signalling pathways. More importantly, DNA is a finite template operating from a set limit of bases. Language is an externally imposed rule-generator structure within the brain for the outward generation of internally generated concepts, desires, etc. It is, however, infinite in the potential for expression, within the realm of human experience and perception.

  • ezekiel3

    I don't see DNA as any more evidence of "God" than that we are all just a construct of Magrathea.

  • Cygnus

    Wonderful thoughts present by steve, Terry and kid-A. I'm very impressed with this. JWism is so brainless and silly, and yet we were all believing JWs at one time. How far we've come!, eh? I really appreciate your posts and ask if I can save them to disk for future reference.

  • Pole

    My old question to Perry would be: "What is the biotic message that God encoded in viruses?". And how about mosquitos carrying malaria?


  • Qcmbr

    Actually it is a language by one definition - for something to be a language requires a repeatable ruleset, a rule user and a rule interpreter - normally that means a speaker and a listener. I work with code every day and its garbage to the non-programmer but to the compiler on the pc it means something (what I'm saying is it hasn't lost its language status because there isn't a human listener) and likewise dna is an encoded message that can be read by the listening organic material. There is nothing else in our human experience that is like it except human constructs spoken language, written language, maths, most thought (try thinking without words) and recently computer language. No where else is information purposefully encoded in such a way as to be meaningful to the listener - this is precisely why it is nothing like the simple patterns found in such natural features as crystalisation. Life is inherantly different.

    I see dna as absolute proof of design despite sceptic viewpoints. The reference made to maths doesn't add up because maths is a simple generalisation , an approximation of reality which isn't true (when I get the 'stupid creationist' flames I may even attempt to expand on this) wheras dna is real and concrete - there is no approximation of reality at all.

  • AlmostAtheist
    "What is the biotic message that God encoded in viruses?".

    That message is obvious: "When I say 'Don't eat of the tree', I mean it, damn it!"

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