Do you like who you are?

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  • prophecor

    I'm very pleased. I take up for myself. I don't just let m&fer's take advantage of me any longer. My family doesn't like it sometimes, but that must mean it's working. I've become well rounded in my assertiveness, and can tell a m&f'r no in a heartbeat, and mean it

  • LouBelle

    I love the person I am, I love the qualities I have, I'm straight forward but tactful. I love the easy way I laugh. I love being me & there's nothing I'd change about my personality at all.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Being brought up as the only child of JW missionaries in a land that was devoid of JWs I became very introverted. I could very easily slip into the role of a hermit. I am not too happy about that and it takes some effort to overcome that tendency, but I am having some success.

    I have always been happier with who I am than my parents have been. That is a cross that they have to bear, especially now that I realise what they did to me and have come out and kicked the sand out from under their castle.

    The past two years have been wonderful for me. All the JW influenced guilt has gone (I was drifted, unbaptised).

    I am now stuck with a crisis of concience. Should I risk destroying my relationship with my wife and family by trying to drag them out, or should I maintain the status quo while they influence parents to do what my parents did to me?

    That is an issue I have to resolve before I can be truly happy with myself.


  • Dimples

    I Love ME!


  • dh
    Yes, if you dont like who you are then you cant expect anyone else to like you!

    not sure if i totally agree with that... even if you do like who you are it would be arrogant to 'expect' people to like you because of that... i think people like people for their own reasons, not for the reasons a person may like themself.

    for me, i am getting to like my life more as i get older, and maybe that makes me feel like i like myself more.

  • skyman

    To tell the truth I like who I am. People almost allways like me. Most think I am a true person and can be trusted. I do not like to be serious. I like to have fun and but never at someone elses exspense. Women think I am handsom and men like being around me. Every job, I have ever had I quickly move to being the boss. All my family have made good in the world as far as money is concerned, but I will give you the shirt off my back if you need it. Truely I wish everyone was as happy about life as I am. But when I found out about the Truth about the Troof I had a very hard time. This is the only time in my life that I did not like who I was. Now I am back to the real person that used to be there the funny and likeable me.

  • CountryGuy
    And unlike others, I am grateful for the WBTS for helping create the me I am today.

    Good point Nellie. All of our experiences, good and bad, in and out of the WTS, make us who we are.

    That said, YES! I very much like who I am. There are still things that I want to improve about myself, but I am so very happy with my life. This is a fact that I have made known the last couple of times that the JWs spoke to me, even if I didn't believe it at the time! It always messes with their heads to think that anyone could be happy with out the WTS telling them what to do, think, or feel.


  • freedom96

    Yes, I am happy with whom I am.

  • vitty

    Im starting too, after years of feeling that I wasnt good enough, Im starting to think that im not that bad.

    I am still a bit anti social, but im working on it, I least I dont think everyone in the world has a bad motive when they do or say something nice.

    Im far more happier now and I notice that I smile more and appreciate every day.


    I`m all I got,and I`m just so cute.I think I`ll pinch my own cheeks!....LOL!!...OUTLAW

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