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  • cruzanheart
    The witnesses take care of their own first. But I've heard many stories of charity to outsiders as well, but admittedly not at all on the scale of other churches or charities.

    AND it's all done on a local level. While Brooklyn Bethel asks that all monetary donations go straight to the World Wide Work, they expect the local congregations to take care of the actual needs of the victims. So, in addition to putting money in the contribution box, a local publisher would be asked to donate time, more money, labor, materials to the victims. And Brooklyn Bethel sits back, makes their fat little deposits in the bank, and issues periodic "look how nice we are" press releases.


  • Honesty

    I have just talked with the WTBTS Service Department at 718-560-5000 on 9/2/2005 at 12:55 PM EDST.

    You can contribute for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts through your local Kingdom Hall and put your donation in the contribution box marked for the World Wide Work. You may also send donations directly to the Branch Office... to the Brooklyn address. Donations should be marked for the World Wide Work and not specificically reserved for relief efforts. This allows the brothers to use the money in the best way they see fit. Again, mark donations for the World Wide Work and not specific to the relief efforts.

    "What efforts have the brothers got going on at the moment?"

    The situation is still being somnewhat assesed and uhmmm.... being coordinated. But brothers that have been evacuated are being cared for in the areas where they were evacuated to or where they are staying with other friends or relatives. In the disaster areas the brothers are trying to assess damage to Kingdom Halls and to homes and to things like that so that's still kind of ongoing. So, we'll probably have some more complete information soon but it's still a little sketchy right now.

    Anyone having professional technical expertise in data transfer methods may PM me so that we may be able to 'Get the Spoken Word' out for all to hear.

  • johnny_was_good
  • johnny_was_good

    Finaly there is something on the mediawebsite[/br]

    Local Witnesses Organize to Help[/br]
    Victims of Hurricane Katrina[/br]

    UNITED STATES—Representatives of Jehovah’s Witnesses were cooperating with local authorities yesterday afternoon to assess the needs of their fellow worshippers and others victimized by the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina.[/br]

    Initial reports indicate that Witnesses who sought refuge in the Superdome in New Orleans are now being evacuated to the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, some 350 miles away. Some Witnesses who are residents of New Orleans and surrounding areas were not in the city because they were attending a Witness convention in Beaumont, Texas, when the hurricane made landfall. By that Sunday afternoon, arrangements were made for all of them to be accommodated in the homes of their fellow worshippers in the Beaumont and Houston areas until they can return home.[/br]

    Witnesses across the United States were moved to offer their services, donations, and/or materials to those needing assistance. A relief committee is being set up to coordinate these matters once a clearer picture of the extent of the damage is available.[/br][/br]

    Strange, they escaped again because there were at a convetion, where did we hear this before?

  • DannyHaszard
    DannyHaszard,GGLD:2005-10,GGLD:en&tab=wn&ie=UTF-8&q=Jehovah%27s+witnesses CLICK over the next 48 hours will develop significantly TOP RANKING NEWS/PRESS RELEASE WORLDWIDE Jehovah's Witnesses Hurricane Katrina Relief (press release), UK - 11 hours ago
    What can you do?Jehovah's Witnesses at wish to help in this regard, for the month of September half of all donations sent to silentlambs will ...
    Silent Lambs Jehovah's Witnesses Hurricane Katrina Relief ClickPress (press release)
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    ---------------- Danny Haszard Bangor Maine J ehovah's Witnesses are the 'perfect storm' of deception-in a word they are the cult of Innuendo

  • cruzanheart
    they escaped again because there were at a convetion

    Yeah, a convention in a city that WASN'T HIT BY THE HURRICANE. What if it had been the district convention held at the Superdome? I guess that would've been Satan testing them.


  • Billy G
    Billy G

    my neighbor is a jehovah's witness, and a relief crew of jehovah's witnesses reroofed her home. they told me that the home owner buys the materials (which is usually paid for by insurance) and then they provide free labor. another neighbor of mine that day was trying to put tarp over his roof. he's an elderly man, and many of the people from the relief crew went over to help him. i think it's not that they don't care about the world, but that the world is a big place, and they have to start some where. i've come to have great respect for jehovah's witnesses, and I listen to them when they come to my door.

  • LDH

    Welcome Billy G!

    Your very first post and you commented on a topic that is almost 1 year old! Neato Bandito!

    Enjoy your Bible-based visits with the JWs.

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