Gay ex-JW Members: do you exclude?

by RAYZORBLADE 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • talesin

    I feel like saying, "Some of my best friends are straight" - and they are - but it reeks of reverse condescension.

    lol, Steve2, you sound just like my friend, Neil. Cheers!


  • shera

    Well,its is who your are,if your gay,O.K,fine with me. I accept everybody for who they are but if they are nasty ,I want nothing to do with them.Gay or not.

    It is who your are and expressing who your are is a good thing.Everyone deserves to be happy and be comfortable with who they are. Bi,gay ,lesbian. Be happy and what ever you do in your bedroom or whever you like to do it, is your buisness.

  • shera

    Also,always happy to have you back here Ray! Your a sweetie! I always think about when I went to your work and stood there watching you.I know I was annoying you but it was fun,until I told you who I was.heheh

  • LouBelle

    I may not be gay but I'm gay friendly. I do not have a problem with going out with gay people - in fact I have a blast. Ideally it would be great if everyone was confident with their own sexuality and didn't worry about others.

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