Another "New Light" or changing their damned story again about reserection

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  • Ingenuous

    It seemed weird to me, when I was still "in", that all imperfect people who were alive @ Armageddon would be killed. Yet, in the "new system," people would be tested again, only this time they'd have had a thousand years to work out the kinks and would have perfect minds and bodies working for them. No fair!

  • Elsewhere
    He has no concept of grace. No concept of free. He says you must work to show faith. And uses the James script, 'faith without works is dead'.

    I think I can sum up the problem very simply: Christians believe that Works emerge from Faith, whereas JWs believe that Faith emerges from Works. Basically they have the equation backwards.

    This is why elders demand more works from JWs who come to them with problems. This is why JWs do not believe a person can have sufficient Faith to survive Armageddon without sufficient works.

    JWs have failed to understand that when a person has Faith, this person will be compelled by their Faith to perform Works.... not the other way around.

  • OldSoul

    Well said, Elsewhere.


  • lawrence

    Some of us tried to tell the G.B. earthly things, and they didn't get it. How in the hell are the G.B. to understand "Heavenly Things" such as the resurrection of the dead? These morons are in the Emperor's Clothes - ultimately, these are ugly, mean, and naked fiends. Their day comes soon!

  • crinklestein

    Thank you all for your responses. They do help me understand what's going on. The funny thing is that he thinks he is actually going to try to convert me back to a JW by posting this bile in his Livejournal. I love to read his LJ because I find it very entertaining to see that guy flip flopping back and forth between personalities. I really think he has a split personality because he'll be ultra religious like he is now and then WHAM! He's back into the world and then a few months later WHAM!! He's ultra religious. He can't merge every aspect of his personality. He keeps them all seperate, even in regards to his likes and dislikes. He either likes classical music only and hates everything else. Then next month he hates classical and is all about metal. He's like the guy that keeps his food seperate.

    But for the last few weeks he's been posting this witness crap in his LJ and I figured it was aimed at me so to make sure I made a response in my own LJ to see how he would react. Because it seemed like whatever I wrote in my LJ he had a witness post talking about something similar to what I wrote. So I wrote a response directly to his garbage and he wrote back a direct reply to me in his LJ. So it's been confirmed. He's trying to make me feel guilty for leaving by trying to instill the fear of death at Armaggedon. Sorry, but God doesn't teach through fear. God doesn't inspire by fear. He does so through love. God is love but to these witnesses God is fear. God is guilt. God is never being good enough.

    And the thing that kills me is that this guy was deep in the world three weeks ago. Now he's super witness. He seems to have forgotten everything he said and did three weeks ago and now is above reproach. He apparently has mended his entire body and soul overnight and now feels fit trying to make sure everyone else lives up to par with his viewpoints.

    And for the elders to make claims about who THEY think is worthy of a reserection is VERY pressumptuous. For any witness to say that anyone is any less spiritual than any other person is VERY pressumptuous. Only GOD knows the inner heart and for anyone to step in and act like they know your spiritual standing is going WAY over their boundaries. If I remember correctly the one human trait that God hates the most is pressumption. He's killed people in the past PERSONALLY because of standing in the place of God. So I wouldn't want to dare speak as if I'm speaking for God.

  • Elsewhere
    And the thing that kills me is that this guy was deep in the world three weeks ago. Now he's super witness.

    Sounds like a manic-depressive JW.

    This type of JW will spend a certain amount of time as a die-hard JW and then spend another amount of time acting completely contrary to the way JWs are supposed to act. They just keep bouncing back and forth over and over their entire lives.

  • AllAlongTheWatchtower

    Wait wait wait. Lemme get this straight. The witnesses are all about being, well, witnesses, because they have to preach to unbelievers, and convert them, so that they too, can live on paradise earth. This is what I have gathered from secondhand info from my wife and this board over the last few months. Now the info I'm reading in this thread is new to me... unbelievers get 'the second shot' as well???!! Then WTF is the point of "witnessing" to people? It almost seems to me that the 'worldly' people are better off if you don't witness to them, that way they are just hapless unbelievers and are eligible for ressurection. Whereas if they become witnesses, they could f*ck up, get DF'ed, and end up eligible for SQUAT! Am I reading this right, or am I missing something important via my non-witness lack of knowledge?

  • heathen

    I am pretty certain the bible says there are 2 resurrections , one to life and one to everlasting abhorrences . I think that pretty much covers everybody .

  • Daunt

    Lately I have been hearing a lot about the thousand year reign and how the devil will not tempt people anymore. And froma few people I've heard that everybody will be there. So that pretty much cancels out a hundred years of witnessing since they will all come back anyways then we'll have A THOUSAND years to preach to them. Any way you put it it's pretty pointless.

  • peacefulpete

    Blondie nailed it. Yes back before the change of the sheep and goats doctrine it was said in the WT that we were living in a judgement period and that those who died could be judged worthy or unworthy of resurrection based upon their response to the preaching of JWs just as if Armagedon had arrived for them. This was a very abusive teaching that resulted in many depressed JWs who lost loved relatives and mates who showed no interest in their message. I'm sure someone could find an article.

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