The Number One Reason Why I Am Not a "Watchtower Apologist"

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  • logansrun

    A number of people of late have noticed the concilliatory stance I take towards the Jehovah's Witnesses -- both as individuals and even as an organization. They have quite rightly pointed out that I appear to "defend" the organization and it's members from attacks that I feel are unwarranted or unnecessary. Too often, I feel, this forum becomes a gripe session in which mighty ex-JW throngs feel the need to paint the organization or individual JWs as totally devoid of any good qualities whatsoever. Little attempt is ever made of trying to see things from any perspective other than one of vengeful hatred towards the Society. I can find no better name than to call some threads nothing more than apostate muckracking.

    And so, I try and balance things out as best I can. I have attempted to show another point of view, ususally one that is more emotionally detached from the issues ex-JWs face. I must admit that, in my endeavors to seek a neutral, intellectually honest ground, I have at times gone a little too far the other way in defending the Witnesses and haven't rightly seen things the way they more forthrightly are.

    Well, perhaps it's time I reassure the unfaithful with the number one reason why I am NOT a JW apologist. Namely....THERE IS NO JEHOVAH.

    Okay, got it?


  • ChrisVance

    Got it.

    I agree there is no jehovah, and there are some dubs who are sincere.

  • Carmel

    Got proof?

    Speaking of intellectual honesty, no source reference, no double blind test, nada!


  • googlemagoogle


    eh eh eh! should have been "i don't believe in a jehovah".

    and i know what you mean. but really, i don't see any good in people led to live a lie. no matter if JWs or not.

  • PaulJ

    My view and upset is directed purely at the GB. At the end of the day the actions of individual elders are down to human imperfection and the fact they are governed by the GB.

    The elders and other witnesses are the 'face' of the GB and their silly laws, sometimes Im not sure people always remember that.

    On the other hand these people do have free will....

  • Terry

    The Watchtower has over ONE HUNDRED YEARS head start on the JWD. Their propaganda machine is a well-oiled multinational high octane monster. All JW bashing all the time couldn't catch up with the damage they've done.

    In short, they steal men's souls by sucking time out of people's life to do anything personally beneficial. The busy-busy slave work spreads the viral infection to others. They use as bait the dazzling promise of paradise and the ultimate escape vacation from cares and woes. What they leave behind is the dried out husks of used up people left disillusioned, spent and devoid of a shred of self-worth.

    And the Watchtower needs defending?

    JWD is a tiny, almost infinitesimal anti-biotic in a sea of monstrous bilge spewing forth from Brooklyn. We are awash in their hate-mongering as they label honest query and righteous demands for accountability as Apostosy. They hold families hostage and pit fathers against children and husbands against wives in their bid to own the very mind of each of their captives.

    I say this. Here on JWD we are a hospital; a triage unit on a battlefield so vast and littered with so many wounded, it can never be said the succor can ever equal the devastation to damaged lives.

    Stifled voices strain to cry out here after decades of cover up, repression and mind control. The tortured souls of the innocent victims seek asylum in our embrace. The moans of exasperation have reached high into the empty skies to overflow the gates of Jehovah's abandoned Palace of Justice.

    This is our only paradise, our purgatory and our hell all rolled into one. Let each man, woman, and child say what he will without restraint and some small measure of balance might be restored to toppled lives hungry for amnesty from the awful shredding evil of the Watchtower menace.

    Extol the imaginary virtues of the Watchtower Society as you will, their graveyard of damaged souls grows yet more vast each day. For they are but a mirage of pretended righteousness which hides a smoldering wasteland of scorched immorality; those vampires of feckless misery.

    I've not one word to say on their behalf and they have none to say on mine. That is balance enough.


  • rebel8

    So what are David Letterman's #s 1-9 for not being a WT Apologist then?

  • Billygoat


    That is really fabulous. You are such a beautiful writer. I love the imagery!


  • AlmostAtheist

    From the home office in Pascagoula...

    Top Ten Reasons Not To Be A Watchtower Apologist

    10. Temptation to use the word "happifying"
    9. Cognitive Dissonance is known to cause cancer
    8. Increased tendency to refer to a group of people as "ones"
    7. The only targets are people that know as much or more about the Watchtower than you do
    6. Known to cause people to wear out of date clothes
    5. Necessary to keep up with all the Watchtower mags to ensure you're apologizing in accord with "New Light"
    4. Likely to be disfellowshipped for speaking to apostates
    3. You may inadvertently cause someone to go back to the Watchtower
    2. There are so many OTHER THINGS TO DO

    And the number one reason not to be a Watchtower Apologist...

    1. Tough to get the taste of bullsh*t out of your mouth

  • trevor


    You make a valid point. If this forum just becomes a place for angry ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses to vent it will fail to be effective as place where active Jehovah’s Witnesses can drop in and learn the truth about the Watchtower Society.

    We need to present a rational and balanced argument that is not so clouded by emotion that we are all dismissed demented losers. I think that on whole we do just that.

    Many here including myself have suffered great losses as a result of the Watchtower Society but showing that we have survived and are happy reasonable people, will be the greatest testimony we can give to the value of life without the Watchtower Society.

    If that leads to others leaving the Watchtower Society then we will have had the greatest revenge. We will also have helped those who are still caught where we were and shown that we are caring people who are prepared to be forgiving and lend a helping hand.

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