Car scam over the internet... how shall I screw with him?

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  • Mary

    Ask him what ship he'll be sending it on and whether he'll be sending it Steerage Class or First Class. Tell him to make sure there's enough life boats for all the cars in case the ship sinks at sea. That way, your insurance will cover the loss. Tell him that your brother-in-law works for Scotland Yard and he'll do a background check on this car for you for free, just to make sure it's not stolen. Can he please provide you with the car's identification number as well as the name of the insurance company?

  • ignored_one

    Maybe you could do something on the scale of:

    Funniest prank ever.

  • Gerard

    Ask for the car's VIN nbr, say you just want to make sure there has been no accident claims on it, and pass it on to the cops.

    Alternatively, you could do a counter-scam so that the guy has to send money to a local orphanage of your choice before you "send" him payment for the car.

  • Elsewhere

    I thought I would make a quick update...

    It took several days but they guy finally bit and sent me an email. Nothing major, just wanted my Name, Phone number and Address so that he could start the "BidPay" transaction.

    Name: John Roberts
    I know, I could have done something more fun like Luke Imayofatha. Maybe on the next Scam Bait.

    Address:1313 Mockingbird Ln.
    Dallas, TX 75205

    I always loved watching The Munsters on TV and 1313 Mockingbird Ln. was their address. (I noticed it once when they told someone their address over the phone)

    Phone: (Not gonna post #)
    I wanted to make sure they could actually leave voice messages without my worrying about them knowing my REAL number, so I used a "special" kind of number that is a free service that will allow them to leave voice messages and send faxes. For all they know it is my real number, but in reality it can be dropped in no time.

    After I sent them this information I quickly received an email from "BidPay" asking me to send $3000 to them via Western Union. The REAL BidPay never accepts payments like this! BidPay accepts credit card payments via their website, NOT Western Union.

    A few minutes after the fake BidPay emails I got another email:

    I have registered a new transaction record with BidPay and I think they have already contacted you with notifications and details of the payment and how to finish this transaction with me. If you receive the notifications from them, you will have to make the deposit payment to BidPay`s agent so they can check the transfer and as soon as they will contact me confirming that the payment has been made I will immediately start the shipping to you and after you receive your car they will transfer the money into my account so I will be able to pick them up.

    I am waiting!

    I think I'll let him stew a few days and then I'll send him an email telling him I'm a JW and that I normally only do business with other JWs, so I am very nervous about this...... I will ask him if he just so happens to be a JW or if he has a relative who is a JW.

    I already know what I will do even farther down after this... but I'm going to post that later! Basically I am going to send him on a Watchtower Scavenger Hunt.
  • damselfly

    You're a bad, bad boy. If I had a waving finger icon I would use it.

    Keep it up!


  • lawrence

    While you're stewing, maybe he should receive a few more requests, using your fake name as having recommended them. Get the huckster all worked up!

  • Elsewhere

    Ok, after letting the guy stew a few days I sent this email:

    Sunday, Sept 4, 2005 I have started the process of moving the money from a CD investment. The bank said it will take a few days to process and deposit the money in my bank account. I've been saving for a very long time to buy a car. I'm so glad I could get such a nice car for so little. It's like a blessing from Jehovah! I have to admit, that I am very nervous... I am one of Jehovah's Witness and I normally only do business with other Jehovah's Witnesses. I was raised to put a lot of trust them them. I have to admit, doing business with someone who is not one of Jehovah's Witnesses is very scary. As our preaching work has spread around the world we have grown in numbers and I was wondering if you might happen to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses too... or if you might have a relative who is one. That would be so exciting! Sincerely, John Roberts
  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    getting the popcorn... waiting for the reply... (too funny)

  • fairchild
    Anyone with experience with the old Nigerian scam should have some great ideas

    LMAO. This one is for you, elsewhere. At one point, I almost felt sorry for the scammer.

  • fairchild

    Double edge, could you pass me the popcorn, please?

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