Went to a viewing at a Catholic Church...not what I expected

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  • PaintedToeNail

    A child in my daughter's class lost his mother very recently. We went to the viewing last night at the local Catholic Church. In the foyer area there was a bulletin board with pamphlets regarding child sex abuse, including by the church, in both English and Spanish. Plus domestic violence pamphlets and other social problems such as depression. There were sign up sheets for helping those in need for food and heating assistance & house cleaning for the disabled and elderly and so forth....SO VERY DIFFERENT from what would be on the 'information' board at the Kingdom Hall. Where all we would get were talk assignment info, Watchtower readers, Public Talk schedule. The Catholics seems so much more interested in the average congregant than the JW's. They see a need and fill it rather than wishing them to be well fed and walking away.

    The Father immediately introduced himself to us and asked who we were. The church was very clean and modest. I expected to see crosses and icons everywhere, and there was only a simple photo of Jesus, not on the the cross, but with his arms outstretched (think something from The Greatest Man book). Every thing was quite modern and understated. This church was probably built in the 1950-1960's. Not a European Renaisance style, but I still was expecting more religious imagery than there was (due to my early childhood training that Catholics use graven images in there worship, so they are idolators).

     It was definitely an eye-opener and a true example of why JW's shouldn't trust everything they've ever read. Hubby even commented on the modesty of the church.

  • Giordano

    Well no one can do modesty like the JW'S. Or should I say banality?

    Your point is well made that a normal JW congregation does not make a provision for their needy members and they are not going to volunteer to do anything for the greater community they live in.  Local church's have a much better track record of helping the poor.

    Doctrinally they may be a part of the Christian tradition but overall they are a very selfish religion.

  • Monsieur
    A church is not necessary to help the needy.
  • Vidiot

    Most of the churches I've see the inside of were actually quite nice, too.

    And I say this as a completely nonreligious agnostic.

  • PaintedToeNail
    Monsieur-You are right, but it does help to have a larger body organizing the event. The Catholic Church in Philly feeds poverty stricken kids lunch every day during the summer...whole neighborhoods. A single individual can only feed a few. The churches also have the venue to feed larger groups of people. A womens group I associate with feeds people 3 times a year, churches seem more regular because they have a broader base of volunteers. I was merely highlighting that the Catholics seems so much more attuned to their neighbors and members than JW's. 
  • Honesty

    The Watchtower Society deliberately lied to us about churches and we believed them because we didn't know any better.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Was a dub for 55 years and never saw any real charity from the borg. Yea they help their own in a disaster but beyond that they keep a tight reign on their money. If the wtbts was god's org. they would give generously and jehober would replenish the coffers, right? But if you are a selfish, man made, narcissistic, greedy, for power organization, you hold your money and beg for more contributions. 

    Good example, wife went to last Sunday's wt study and i looked at her wt they studied(lol studied). Page 5 they are making sure that dubs know how to fill the coffers of  the wtbts even after death. What a crock of crap!

    Every religion has it's own weirdness, but most at least are generous to the poor. Not the wtbts!

    just saying!


  • millie210

    PaintedToeNail- Im so glad you posted this!

    I had a similar impression recently. I attended a banquet awards dinner in the building on church grounds that the Catholics have for this. My impression was the exact same as yours.

    In the ladies room there was a small poster with a hotline number for child sexual abuse.

    Can you ever imagine seeing that in a Kingdom Hall?

    The overall impression was comfortable, clean and non assuming.

    Unlike the gaudy rich ostentatious way they are portrayed in the literature I grew up with as a JW. 

  • JWdaughter

    At the local mosque was a poster for abused women and numbers for the local low cost medical clinic and food banks that are connected to the local mosques. Also classes for language(English, Arabic and Urdu), religious education, sports camps and roommate shares. It was pretty useful.

    The only church I have been to that was heavy on the visual icons of saints/Jesus was the orthodox church. It was beautifully gaudy. Which is an ironic sounding word, a bit, isn't it -in this context? They too have a lot of community bulletins like all churches I have ever been to-other than the KH.

  • Athanasius

    After leaving the JWs I visited a number of churches, and all had programs to help the needy and the disadvantaged.  The Anglican Church that I attend has a food pantry and a clothes closet for the poor.  We even have a free medical clinic for the needy.  Around Christmas time the parishioners put together gift baskets of food and toys for needy families.

    Some years back our priest read a letter to the congregation that was from the Diocese of Los Angeles, informing us that a priest who had once served our parish had been arrested for child abuse.  If anyone had been victimized by this man, we were told to contact the Los Angeles Police Department.  Unlike the Kingdom Hall, there was no mention of contacting the church legal department first.  Instead contact the proper authorities immediately.

    The Watchtower organization doesn't even take care of their own needy, much less those of the community at

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